Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles Removed the marks from here and then. If you don’t leave here, I’ll be out there. Should we find it separately؟ If it didn’t hear the whistle, I wouldn’t be my prick. And worse than that. You can’t eat apples. Show your skills again. Come on, Carabai! Shabash. What are you doing, Annal Sahib ؟ You are also asking, oblivious! Will lift the veil from your curse.

Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles

What are I accusing.. What are Alp Arcelan’s father-in-law Lou accusing؟ As soon as we liberated, you made the nexus ( the alliance ) from the enemy. Now, if the Sultan Gharal also stands in front of me. I will not be able to stop you from taking your life, Arcelan Yusuf. Alp Arsalan also understands who he trusted. Making a big mistake, Annal Sahib! Too big mistake. Making a big mistake, Annal.

Dard e Dil Season 1 Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles

When you go, see, Mr. Arcelan Yusuf. Making a big mistake. Alp Arcelan is now looking for wedding gifts, I’m sure. But they will not meet. We will not keep here until they give up their horses. Then we will take Constantinople. Calm it down. Calm down it. Quickly, don’t let go by hand, quickly. Where did it disappear ؟ What sets are these؟ Don’t come out before you find it, beware! let’s go.

Dard-e-Dil Season 1 Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles

The letter sent to Bukhara. Leave me alone, Zaran. Carabai is so far away that he will not hear your voice. Otherwise when would he have come. Not this time, in our day of revenge. Long live, Carabai! Long live! Obviously in what direction they are in. We will run other horses behind the carabai. They may have followed, keep out. Come on, son! Shabash my lion! What do we mean we didn’t get a horse! How can’t stop the horse from being so high

Dard-e-Dil Season 1 Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles

You said this horse wanted me for myself. Disappointed me, Matius. He was very fast, Commander! Forgive me. From now on I don’t want a single mistake, understand Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Episode 2 In Urdu SubtitlesThese horses are more valuable than you. I can leave you, but I can’t leave these horses. What I’m going to say didn’t get out of someone’s mind. Protect these horses like your eyes. Don’t scare the animal, back,

Dard e Dil Season 1 Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles

step back. As I said: You will no longer leave alive, even if my father says. You leave, I won’t leave, Annal sir! Speaking of treason, but what about your actionI am familiar with the trade you are with the fortified Gregor Alp is doing without bringing Arsalan to knowledge. See, what will Alp Arcelan do by listening to it؟ I am “Azerbaijan”, I have the authority to do so.

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I can trade with what I want And I can make a deal with what I want. The location of the Alp Arsalan and its order are not for me. Can I never be satisfied with you, Annal Sahib؟ I am carrying the veil on the traitor you have brought in our ranks. As soon as you set him free, it went to Gregor. Arsalan Yusuf Sahib told me and went to the Suramari commercial market. Arcelan Yusuf’s convoy has long been to the Surmari market They will go there without paying attention to us and tell If something happened and done without our knowledge.


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Or if any of us have with the Byzantines Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles Confidentially made a contract, so we will get to know it through them. But Gregor, because you become a relative with me How are you working with this traitor by relying on him, Alp Arsalan؟ This is the safest place in the world.. It makes sense to be the wife of the Seljuki girl. But giving a girl to the Seljuki prince from our generation, does not understand, Usman. Don’t worry, this marriage will never happen. Alp Arsalan؟ Will Alp Arcelan be killed

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We brought horses safely to the hills. And increased security measures. The gift of Sultan’s brother’s marriage is very valuable! If they were the horses of pure race, God forbid, the Byzantines would be touched. So what they were looking for would be fulfilled. He took to be equal to our brave.. Want horses like us. Thank God that this did not happen. After the marriage ceremony ended yesterday. I will go to Sewas for the necessary steps. This issue cannot be postponed until a few years after the marriage

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Afshin, Cholo and Serb Tegin are waiting for me, mother! They are on the Byzantine weak forts adjacent to our state.. Bashi Bozuk is about to attack with the Turks. And their actions first “Ian” then in the conquest of all Anatolia’s head Will facilitate, these shaunds! The messenger has come from Afshin. As you ordered, infiltration has begun in the quirb and exister of Sevis. This first booty is your gift of marriage to you. Suljuki Prince Alp Arsalan is sending a handful of Anatolian clay as a gift.

When the time comes, all the head of Anatolian, including his.. Whatever is inside, it will be like a mud locked in this fist, prayer! All your orders have literally been fulfilled. Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles We are out of our state, but.. Our head is always sacrificed on your holy purpose. The gift sent from the first booty of the Afshan brother.. There is a map of the lands that will come under our control. As long as such fighters and fighters in the great Seljuki state Brave is present, then Anatolia’s victory will not be just a dream. The day when the children of Oghuz.

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