Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles We will see Look at this paper, Sebahattin. Yes. Queen Victoria sends her best wishes, Sultan. If I send my own wishes. It is not certain whether you can return to London. I will send her my wishes in another way. Yes, I heard that you had a request. Your Majesty. Some incidents took place in Palestine. Some English citizens have been unintentionally involved in the incidents. And sad events occurred. What you call sad events.was an attempt to kill the Jews. We believe it was ordered from the queen sends her wishes.

Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 (Dard-e-Dil) Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

These people.went to Palestine to excavate the historical artifacts.and gift them to the world culture. You accuse us. Do you have proof? Our proof remains in Palestine. We couldn’t carry our corpses all the way here, Sir. Your Majesty. The English government.has always wished the best for the Ottoman State.and protected its interests. As far as we know. You have captured an English citizen. According to the contracts signed between the English and the Ottomans. You have to release this man. Those contracts were signed before my reign. But we are the ones who bear the brunt. The necessary actions will be taken. Sir. Don’t you forget.

Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 (Dard-e-Dil) Episode 4 In English Subtitles

Those who meddle with Muslims.will taste death at the most unexpected moment And death.comes at a blink of an eye. I will easily take the guns from the customs. But now. The Ottoman Bank will be blockaded first. Then the whole place will be taken over with all the money. A little crass, but explanative enough. Mr. Herzl. Everything is fine, but there’s a small issue. I hope it really is small, Mr. Pastirmaciyan. Assaulting the Ottoman Bank is difficult task. We need many men. You said you had plenty. What of them?

Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Dard-e-Dil Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

The Armenian mobs have desisted. form supplying us with men. They refused to attack the Ottoman Bank. They are holding out. Why? The Armenians say they are content under Ottoman rule. They are not hungry. They are not tired. Are you telling me this now? You fool! Are you tantalising me? This is the capital, Mr. Herzl. You don’t know the situation here. Not only Muslims. The Armenians are also faithful to Abdulhamid as a ruler.and as a person. Does this concern me? Look at what you tell me right before we take action. Look at me Mr. Herzl! Don’t push my limits.



Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Episode Four In Urdu Subtitles

Gentlemen! Silence, please. We will take down Abdulhamid, not each other. I’ll take care of this issue. Give me the names of the three most loved people among the Armenians. Will you organise another party? First, In fact. I lost a healthy tooth to convince Abdulhamid. Let me show you. Before attending the Sultan’s meeting, I twisted my healthy tooth. I pushed it and made it bleed. Then Ester’s son Sami the dentist came and extracted it from its roots. That’s a shame. It certainly is a shame. After all it was a healthy tooth. So as not to awaken Abdulhamid’s suspicion.I initially shot my arm. Then lost my healthy tooth.

Yurek Cikmazi Season One Episode Four In Urdu Subtitles

And your beautiful fingers are now bleeding. In my opinion, Ms. Sara.let’s finish this as soon as possible. Because if we do not finish.we too are slowly getting finished, piece by piece. Once I enter the harem and show myself to Melike we’ll be free, Pasha. Rest assured. I hope it goes as you said. I hope Melike regains her memory upon seeing you. I hope our efforts pay off. I’ll take care of that, Mahmut Pasha. Once Melike sees me, her past will whisper to her to kill the sultan. I hope so.

Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Dard-e-Dil Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Dear. Wasn’t it already clean? And a working carpenter workroom could be a little dusty, am I right? Forgive me, Sultan. But I get bored. When I get bored, I try to beautify the things you enjoy. Sultan, may I go outside and look for my sister? We are searching for your sister everywhere. It’s dangerous for you outside. Those who arranged sending you here may come after you. You’re right. Come with me. When I get bored I don’t go outside I bring outside here. Come. The Capital. Look. What’s on the opposite side? Eski Dar. Which means Uskudar. Did you see the maiden’s castle? I saw it.

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