Alparslan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles Sir, I have important news. – Just say it. Mr. Gündüz, what happened to Mr. Gündüz? He added the blacksmith and Selcan mother with them and exiled the women from the camp, my lord. Boran! I’m Orhan! my mother! How is Malhun Bala? Just say it! Orhan is obada sir, chicks are also good. But Selcan is mother… Mother. Mister, those chicks who unleashed Julia, the traitor dog of the vizier. Selcan hurt the mother. It is in the lodge now. Kumral Abdal is also in charge. my mother! How is my mother?

Let’s say if my mother is alive! You should say the exact one,

Boran! I have nothing to hide, my lord, Selcan is alive. But here’s his wound… his wound is very deep, sir. Vizier… Vizier Alemshah! Dig a grave for that carcass! Let’s go to my mother’s! Let him stop, sir. The vizier knows that he will go to the dervish lodge. He already has his game ready. If you go to the lodge, it will ambush you, sir. I will not give that vizier or those collaborators an opportunity. Storm! – Sir. We will go to my mother’s, so you can reach Edebali soon. Inform all dervishes in the vicinity. Let him welcome them to Söğüt. We will enter Söğüt next to my mother in that turmoil. It’s your command, sir. Lets! I caused it.

I caused it, mother. Don’t say that, I protected my child.

I protected my children. It burns in flames. It is necessary to inform the brunette Abdal. Come on Zehra, come on. Alparslan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles Selcan mother! Welcome, welcome. Our eyes are on the road, thank God. My sheikh will be very happy to see you. Keep your eyes on the lodge, I will inform the vizier. Yes, sir. We have deployed our soldiers everywhere as you ordered, sir. But no one has seen Osman, obviously, he will not come. Osman will come Ferman.


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Selcan’s mother will want to see her before she dies .

Keep your eyes peeled. I don’t want any mistakes. Is there a destur, my vizier? – Come on. He came, sir, someone in the guise of a dervish came. These are the dervish lodges, obviously Osman and his alps. Osman will not be able to leave Söğüt today. Willow will be his grave. Let’s visit Edebali. Scatter around, get up! Don’t come without finding Osman. Search everywhere! Where is Osman, Edebali? Where did you hide it? Good manners! Is this how one enters a funeral home without a destur? Stay back, vizier Alemşah. You will find the traitor called Osman, look everywhere. Even if the needle goes into the hole, remove it. Leave it unstoppable! Let the dervish withdraw, don’t look for trouble! You have no mercy for the living, are you incapable of respecting the dead, Vizier Alemşah? What you’re doing is dishonest.

Alparslan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

Where are you going? I know Osman here. What do you say man! Can’t you see we have a funeral? We’ll search the room, search! What an absurdity! Can’t you see we have a funeral? The lady is a person, you can’t enter! Get out. Exit! You too, Celali, there is a funeral, don’t you see? Have you no respect for the dead? Decide who is next to you. This is starting to become too much. With all due respect, I’m always on your side. If you’re against me, I’ll take your head. I’m deaf, let the soldiers do their job. Osman is a traitor Call! You don’t know the customs and you don’t have a conscience! forgive me.

Best of luck, friends. Hold these! Since you have come,

Alparslan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles you will slander and enter the right of slave. Your cruelty exceeds the limit, my Lord’s scales do not weigh less. Your oppression carries your wood to hell, Vizier Alemşah. You should not be watching a traitor and not telling me about hell. You are the ones who will sink into sin and go to hell. Would you enter the house where the word of God is read and give a fatwa? You mock the pain! But I see that those who lie under the ground are more alive than you. They are less rotten. Your soul is rotten and you didn’t know.

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