Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 With Urdu Subtitles I’m Aya Nikola. I swear by Caesar’s name that Osman will be long gone before he knows who you are . Darkness pays back for the service rendered to him, Nikola. The first thing we will do now is to clear Osman’s doubts. What’s on your mind, master? I will resurrect what I killed, Nikola. I will breathe again to Sheikh Edebali, whose breath I took. The owner of this arrow is not Kosses. Alps. The death of Mari chick, the slander thrown at Gündüz Bey is all for putting Kosses and Turgut against us and eliminating my brother! Their intention is to leave Kayi alone and stop the conquests!

Whoever did this is the one who killed Ivaz Bey and Umur Bey.

Sir, now Gunduz bey died because of a slander? Daydream is alive. Now he is in the castle of Kosses, so you don’t have to worry. Thank god! My lord, my lord, who then did all this? Which is naughty? We’ll find out, Boran. If you don’t know where trouble comes from, you’ll see when it comes. Barkin… and İbrahim Fakih. So it’s those two demons who did all this evil, huh? Well and but why? You are like a leaf blowing in the wind. You immediately immerse yourself in the flow. Kosses was with Osman until yesterday. My trust cannot be gained so easily and quickly. As you wish, master.

Don’t forget that if the Turk is not in trouble,

the Turk will be in trouble. We are here to trouble them. Yes, master, what will our current move be? Barkin. Barkın should lead the tribes. Then I will leave Osman breathless. I will not make him dream of conquest. In his letter, Nicholas asked the emperor for soldiers around Yenişehir. He talks about the soldiers who will come from Sultan Mesut. He wants to balance the terms. Another? He also requested a lot of help against a Turkish siege. Mostly oil. Bastard! Aid to Nikola will use this way. Cutting off the supply will break İnegöl’s power. Tell me about Bursa. Bursa, which you wanted to be the capital city of your state.

Even blocking the supply line,

which is so difficult to break through the walls, takes years. It feeds from many villages. His wealth is equivalent to a hundred maybe a thousand willows. That’s why we want it. Surely it will be our home. But he has time. When we take Inhisar, we will have cut off all aid from the east. All that remains is to be cautious and cautious with those who will come from the West. If your relative Emperor Andro Nikos hears about this situation, my relative Emperor Andro Nikos hears what valuable information you have brought us. We know that conquering Artalos İnegöl is not enough to take İnhisar. But who will replace the precious Rogatus?


Episode 41

Who do you think will take the side of the new tekfur who will come to Bilecik?

A few names are being talked about, Turgut Bey, when it is certain, I will send it to Osman with a compass. You will bring the information. And I’ll pile up the soldiers all over the Alps. Kosses and Turgut Bey will also be with me. Evvel Inhisar. Inegol. Bilecik. Iznik and… Bursa. Children will grow. Ideals will flourish. The time will come for this nation, which is connected to a dream system and the cause of the world. He will conquer Constantinople and make his home there. Thanks. Welfare and peace are the right of every people, Osman Bey. Most importantly, only peace will reign in these lands.

This means that these lands will be ruled with justice.

The way to win Cengi is always through intelligence. You also have the key to this, Osman Bey. The key to conquest is hearts. The rest is just an occasion. They think it’s tearing us apart. But… alhamdulillah we haven’t started yet. It is a time of conquest. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar! Thanks. Come on, let’s open this. Go to the hospital and bring what I said, come on! Come on girl, let’s take it out! Come on girl, let me see Alps! Take Tez Zehra to the prisoner tent! Inform Kumral Abdal as well. Honey honey! Honey honey! I didn’t, I didn’t! I’m not hurting anyone! Honey honey! Honey honey! I didn’t! How is this an obedient Bala lady? What’s wrong with you, what is your traitor?

Let your ears hear what comes out of the cypress chick’s mouth.

We had come to health. Is it the wrong time? You came just in time, İbrahim Fakih! Now Cornelia has been poisoned. The same as the one who poisoned Sheikh Edebali. Gentlemen! I know, you ask why we gather here. We will talk about the important issue. The earth has ears in Kayı Obası. We, as Kızılbeyoğlu Obası, have been together with Osman Bey for a long time. It is the will of Umur, so whatever you want to say, say it now. Both Umur Bey and Ivaz Bey were martyred just as they were about to reach Osman Bey. I am here as per their will and testament. Tell me what were they on their way for? To reach the Red Apple for the well-being of the Turk.

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 With Urdu Subtitles

How will he open the way to the red apple, which cannot ensure the road safety of his own tribe ? You were with him during the martyrdom of Mr. Barkın, Umur. Who can’t protect his own brain will be our own master? You’re right.Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 With Urdu Subtitles I was not able to protect them, nor was I given martyrdom. But as God is my witness , I neither fell back from fighting nor turned my back.

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