Destan Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles, They have more ships than us, we can’t deal with them. We need to change direction ships let’s make a turn from the starboard side. Let our ships continue towards them. Are you crazy or have you lost your mind? How are we going to deal with all these ships? They’ll finish us off before the siege even begins. We have already set up the device, Pasha, may you rest in peace. Is that so, what is the plot taken without our knowledge of it? My brother Hızır and Piri Reis cracked the cannons of the ships. If they open fire, they will explode. Neither this nor that, my brother Khidr is also my brother Khidr.

the cat in the sea plays with us as they play with a mouse

Do you two brothers come together and cut the state against us? Is it also a crime to do our part? Well, how did they come together with these bulk balls, sure? They said that the device they made would most likely work. Look at this, relying on the possibilities and the sea we go to the top of the ship, right? Let it go, let it go to men like you I can’t be trusted and put in danger. If the direction changes, the cat in the sea plays with us as they play with a mouse. Trust us, we’ll go to them. If a single cannon explodes from an enemy ship, our ships if it hits with a single shot you pay with your life. Come on, my lion, come on, brother, don’t let us down, Khidr.

The honour of burying Oruç in the Mediterranean will be mine

The ships are approaching. I hope the acid has shown its effect, the balls are cracked. Otherwise, the situation will be very bad. God, do not embarrass us. Amine. The honour of burying Oruç in the Mediterranean will be mine. All ships alesta for shooting. All ships alesta for shooting. Filial Fasting, fire. Damn, how do all these cannons explode? There is no death in the ocean for us anymore. Destan Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles, This was our contemplation, now Oruç Ağa’s is next. Come on, my wolves, gather around, celesta. All ships per gun, celesta. Bismillah fire. What the hell is this.


Episode 18

They will overturn all our ships

Admiral Salvador, we have to retreat. No, if we withdraw, they will reach Kalymnos they start the siege, I can’t let that happen. If we do not retreat, they will overturn all our ships. We all die. It can’t be a coincidence that all these balls crack. Khidr, Khidr did this with our own balls and shot us, it wasn’t enough, Destan Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles, your brother also destroyed us. Since the war of Kalymnos will begin with you there we will come to terms with it, the revenge will be bitter. The Rhodesians are fleeing. Now the siege will begin.

They have destroyed our ships

O Allah, grant us the ability to save the captives and take the castle. Let’s go to the place where the headquarters will be established as soon as possible. We’ve survived this ordeal, but there are bigger ones ahead of us. Especially that Meryem’s espionage issue seems to raise water. Admiral, it looks like you fought a fierce battle with Oruç. I’d really like to hear how you spray them. What a spray Pietro they have destroyed our ships. What, what does that mean, why did they wreck our ships? The cannons were cracked, and when they fired, they all exploded on the ships.

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