Alparslan Episode 25 in Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 25 in Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 25 in Urdu Subtitles why did we know what happened when it happened in the square? The infidel headquarters pressure Memiş Hasan Bey , I did it as my request, I stole them with my hands, I think I saved the headquarters from falling into an infidel rhyme my uncle Alpaslan waited for the person to leave the headquarters brain is clear final.bey we know the sharpness of our sword but Alpaslan is built on the skin of our brain and by Allah this is the right of our headmaster’s sword and then when the raid was given he would become the Principality and head the headquarters.

Your likes The message is that the headquarters will be Seljuk land,

not under Alparslan ‘s rule. don’t bear it, I ‘ll post it tomorrow evening, next evening [Music ] Is there I’m Gökhan Ben are you okay my daughter do n’t worry I’m fine dad I with my dad He has a gd heart I thought I’d come back when I thought it was oily. Didn’t it really occur to you that I could be among them Mario So you are my daughter how do you think of your father who does not want to hurt you now I have to go there so that my absence will not be noticed so go and bring me gd news this is a brother, you know very well that the power gives with the bld taken with the sword Thank God, Alpaslan, our property was in gd shape.

This is why only our Alpaslan Bey rules at the headquarters.

Let’s tell you why Yanal Bey, women are joking. You know that you tk your brother Sultan Turgut, but if you didn’t know that we are both efrasyap and selcukoglu, we will know. Yes, Mr. Inal, we don’t have bitterness for you either. We don’t have this , but we just remind you of the situation in front of you, Yusuf Cinal’s son İbrahim, Allah you Who do you think you’re talking to, Samet, this is Melike You like it, I didn’t listen to the order Nizam, I didn’t listen to the order, you’re broken, I’m after you, will you be judged later by time Ünal Bey Maybe he should take precautions beforehand, as if neither we nor our Bahadırs will remain Batur bey he Allah lonely Turkmen girl who came to our father Akca truth remains one brush You are my daughter


Episode 24

let me call you nac I am for you No and

we played a game with your bldless father Is that it What kind of life did you listen to this delusion I was listening to what I wanted I was equal I saw I am an orphaned Turkmen girl half Akça American How is my mother’s she is the daughter of an infidel, Maria is not what she seems, she is my father, don’t lie, don’t lie, don’t lie Are you one among us to chant your dhikr, won’t this truth come out to you? When this truth comes out, you will do it for the words I wish, it wants language, not you, when I see it from you, Alparslan Episode 25 in Urdu Subtitles

It’s only if you beg, nothing will change Because

Alparslan Episode 25 in Urdu Subtitles this is my Sultan, take it again Bey Alparslan Bey had us arrested and taken to the fire castle this Alparslan Bey is in trouble to send you to the premiere of your trip stamp Ünal Bey, the result of which is shout, and our values not a gd Turkmen, we gave a martyr, may A lah accep this martyrdom, we al h ld this eart in our palms to present ourselves to God on this road we see, Batur, don’t you like it, God k ows, God i sending the same, so Alpar lan Bey is alive We don’t know whether it is or not, e

Alparslan Episode 25 in Urdu Subtitles

why don’t we do anything to save his life, if we say like this , other gentlemen who love their lives to the state road. They think that they are not valuable in the eyes of every state. If we make concessions to the issue, our State will Come and only cowardly German He wishes to meet you, they said they will wait in the square Bey o hu f hu of of of and still go to be Yigitler Us still oWho is he and buy again Mr. o you give of your own free will , or I’ll come suddenly and take you with him I ‘m not giving it to you, Mr. Göktu. Next time you come here, don’t be so hospitable. the word came out of your mouth and you think otherwise,

but I think let’s see for a while daughter of tekfurun Sıddık Where were you?

It’s not what you think, I saw the last Madam, Sister, lk, it’s time. Let’s explain what’s going on here. Other than that, you’re in charge of Mr. Alparslan Episode 25 in Urdu Subtitles You gave a lifetime to the nature of this state, sit down, Mr., after thinning, it’s your desire to make a new one. Akin. It’s not to eat here, it’s to take a bed and make this place prosperous Is there anyone brave, come , we are ready for this road, still His Holiness Let go of me a lot [Music ] Alparslan just came and asked for you Ok I will love you but is it in one piece or in pieces? You will decide this 16 vehicles will investigate the truth.

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