The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 36 With Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 36 With Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 36 With Urdu Subtitles, Either surrender or we’ll take your head. I paid the penalty for Emir Karabay’s treachery. Let your state look at the treachery committed by its emir instead of messing with me. Now get out of our way, we’ll make it to the siege of Kalymnos. You can’t go anywhere, we will either deliver you or take your dead. Kılıçoğlu Şahin, you can go. I will not leave a comrade on the road, if Oruç if you’re going to take it, you’ll get me too. If he’s going to die, I’m going to die too. Let Isabel go, your problem is with me. OK, he can go. What do you say, Oruç, how can I leave you and go?

We cauterized the wound on time!

Go get your sister, Isabel, your sister is waiting for you. Of course, we will find a way to get rid of them, let’s go now. Destroy them all. They look for us everywhere from the Karabay murder. Let’s leave these lands quickly before they fall into the hands of the Mamluks. Khidr has also been in Kalymnos for a long time. Let’s get to Mytilene as soon as possible and start preparations, come on. Thanks. Thank God we cauterized the wound on time and stopped the blood, thank God. The ointment I apply will heal in no time. If I thought for forty years, I would not have thought that Meryem would shoot you.

How did you do this to us?

It turns out that Meryem was a dagger that stuck in us from the very beginning. So he told us where our spies were. Meryem, how did you do this to us? So far I have seen no indication that Meryem was a spy. Dervish’s father raised this girl. If he was a spy, he would have noticed first. The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 36 With Urdu Subtitles, What do I know, I just can’t get over it. What more sign of Khidr? When I followed him, he was hidden in the woods didn’t he go to meet a secret person? And didn’t I see Pietro near where he went, Khidr? Everything is so complicated that you can’t call it a spy I am convinced to say that my tongue does not reach or not.


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We could not find any more useful information

This business is solved when this knot is conquered by Kalymnos. It is destined to be injured by the hands of our loved ones in the enemy’s lair. But first of all, duty comes before our loved ones. My lord of the fast will come to Kalymnos as soon as possible. We need to report that Meryem and the spies are in captivity. Shall I tell you that he shot you too? No, it’s not necessary, I’ll tell you when necessary. The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 36 With Urdu Subtitles, My fasting lord will come for the siege, we could not find any more useful information. Stop, Khidr, stop. Demircan, for the conquest on the ground of the shelter, said that they made a useful preparation. There’s bound to be something here.

This is the information that will do our job!

There is something definite here. There is something here. Help Nico. There are tunnels outside the castle, my lions are mine. This is the information that will do our job. When the siege begins, we will sneak through this gate and conquer the castle. That’s when we will save our Valiants We will solve the mystery about Mary later. Where are Khidr and Piri hiding in Kalymnos? Talk. Your banana power is enough, you have no words. Both Hızır Reis and Piri Reis will surely fall on you. Then you will get your answer. Both of those chiefs will die in agony at our hands. Especially that Piri, I will make him regret the day he was born. If you don’t want to suffer at our hands now, speak up.

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