Alp Arslan Episode 14 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 14 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 14 in Urdu, Is there news from Ghazni, my Sultan? Did it turn out that what was said was just slander? The news from Ghazni and the writings of Şehver coincide. Besides the Qarmatis, innocent people, women and children were also killed. They set a trap for us. All these brave men are witnesses. My Sultan, there is only one person who can do this despicable massacre. He is Emir Bozan. Fearing that I will eradicate the karmas, this mind thinks he will get rid of me with wasteful slanders. That is his whole intention. Alparslan’s honourable alps like you I know that you will not mean the lives of the innocent.

May God not leave you behind, my Sultan!

But we have neither evidence nor witnesses. I have no proof other than my word, no deputy other than Allah, my Sultan. Open the door. Give you time until the day is over tomorrow. Go and reveal the truth. If you can’t get it out, come back immediately and shut yourself up here. May God not leave you behind, my Sultan. Let Alparslan not be seen by anyone. Everyone should know you in the dungeon. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t worry, my Sultan. Come, come, do not be afraid. Come on out. I won’t go out. Why don’t you go out? My mother told me to stay out of here no matter what. Good for you. Look, you kept your mother’s promise.

Your water is not enough for everyone there!

But you can leave now. Do not be afraid, no one can harm you. I am so thirsty. Well, come on, let me give you water, come. Come. Come on. Here you go. My mother is thirsty too. Let’s give him water too. Alp Arslan Episode 14 in Urdu, Let’s give the lion piece. Let’s give. Where was your mother? Where they shut us down. It is too crowded. There is no water either. Then they brought us here. Has everyone there come here? No. They took some of us, some of us they didn’t. Can you describe it to me? We also give them water. Here it is. But your water is not enough for everyone there. Do not worry about it. Now the word of the same mother you will keep my word as you did.


Episode 13

No one is allowed in or out without my permission!

You’re going to wait for me here without leaving anywhere, okay? OK. Look, what will I give you? Do you like dry? I like. I’ll be here before you finish all of this, evelallah. Selam aleykum. They said they have the stuff to move. Why has the caravan of food still not arrived, Kutay? Our eyes are on the road, Mr. It should have arrived by now. Send a soldier to the fast caravan route. Learn what Ahval is. Sir, this man is the head of the caravan. The headquarters was surrounded by my soldiers. No one is allowed in or out without my permission. All around the headquarters the water wells were held by my soldiers.

What if the truth doesn’t come out!

Even the pigeons you will fly he will not be able to escape from our arrows. You hand over the headquarters to either or you die of hunger and thirst there. Romanian Diogenes, Governor of Vaspurakan. How many days of food and water do we have left, Kutay? Alp Arslan Episode 14 in Urdu, The remaining food and water will only take one day, my lord. What if the truth doesn’t come out if he never gets out of the dungeon? Alparslan will get through this disaster too, hopefully. Or do you not trust his strength and intelligence? I will, I will, Alpaugh. I do more than anyone. But I’m afraid too. Do not be afraid. Pray. The truth will find its place.

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