The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 50 With Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 50 With Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 50 With Urdu Subtitles, Isn’t it obvious what it is? Can’t you see that everything is in chaos? You didn’t say anything like that. Don’t you trust us? Is Yıldırım Bey not going to give you passport money? Mr Yildirim gave himself a fake passport from me if he decided to buy it, which means his situation is bad. You extended it. Who are you kidding? Come on. What’s happening? Where is lightning? He may have escaped to the back of the building. This was the man who took the Lightning. Ayvaz where are you? There was a problem inside. I had to shoot the man. Where are you? On an upper street.

This man has done great evil!

I had to flee. There are two of the Company’s men. Pay attention to them. OK. I’m coming right now. What’s this? Hello? Okay, we’ll get you but you know the deal. This was already my offer. I hope you don’t talk and I will kill you with my own hands. They’re after us. I’ll call you. Mr Yildirim. Let’s go. What happened? What is your status? Here we are, President. We are about to get out of the vehicle, but there is a police car in front of a building. Friends, after meeting with our undersecretary then it was approved to receive Yıldırım. President, this man has done great evil. You are right.

We will learn about its deep connections!

We have known for years that the names have changed, but their purpose we are in a systematic attack the same. Remember this guys. What will happen after my president takes this man? So all that he’s done will get away with it? Never. He will answer to Turkish justice. And friends who will never see the light of day again. But we are not after this man, we are after the real power behind it, friends. Company. All the confidential information of the Company with what he will tell and we will learn about its deep connections. Do you understand? You’re welcome, Chairman. Then we get Lightning. Ditto. We’re getting Yildirim, friends.

Visual contact with the target was achieved!

Beware of the police. We need to handle this quietly. Be careful. Good luck with it. Thank you, Chairman. Come on. Lightning is right there. Hurry up. Two men are after Yıldırım. It could be the Company’s men. Operator, can you hear me? Operator, Hunter is listening. Visual contact with the target was achieved. Here we go. Do you approve? Let’s start. Approval given. The raven is speaking. The men noticed us. The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 50 With Urdu Subtitles, They are trying to reach Yıldırım before we do. You must be a barrier. Hulki are you ready?

He surrendered when he saw the police!

I am always ready. Come on. Run. Pardon. Excuse me? Can I ask the time? Is it time? What time? Hour. This is ok but others are active. Got it, Falcon. Lightning as soon as possible we should get it from there. Otherwise, things will get messy. What are we doing? We don’t take risks. The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 50 With Urdu Subtitles, They’re after me. I surrender. Chairman. What happened, Zehra? Yıldırım surrendered to the police. Did he surrender or was he caught? He was running. There were men after him. He surrendered when he saw the police. Find out about where friends are taken. You’re not coming back tonight. Contact me when you get to the safe house.

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