Soz Season 1

The Oath Soz Season 1 Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 1 Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 1 Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles Twelve heroic Special Forces Soldiers with special abilities are deployed from all over the country after the horrific attack faced by Turkey. Their goal is to find and destroy the leader of this new and very dangerous terrorist organisation that is trying to trouble our country and eradicate it.

What Happened in Episode 1 of Soz Season 1 in Urdu

Twelve brave lives that set out saying, “Our barrel is our honour, our homeland is our paradise”; they will be brothers, fathers, and shields. They will bury their love in their hearts and their longings in the ground. And whoever warms their fathers, their mothers, and their hearts will carry with them and fight.

Under the leadership of Lieutenant Yavuz, in difficult conditions,

they fight the enemy day and night and swear martyrdomYavuz Karasu, a well-trained Turkish soldier, is in Istanbul with his fiance where a terrorist operation takes place. Dr Bahar, who is not a surgeon, tries to save his fiance.

After this incident, Yavuz goes back to Karabayir and Bahar follows him all the way to give him something that belongs to him. Another incident happens and he is chosen to be the commander of a team whose mission is to catch a terrorist and protect Karabiyir and their country Turkey. The Oath Soz Season 1 Episode 1 With Urdu Subtitles

The whole team is solid consistent and willing to sacrifice

their lives for the sake of their country. SÖZ’, which was carried out for the first time in Turkey in cooperation with the General Staff and the Ministry of National Defense, is about the story of a “Special Forces Team”. In ‘SÖZ’, which took 1 year to prepare and has been filming for about 3 months,

the role of senior lieutenant and team commander Yavuz is played by successful actor Tolga Sarıtaş; Atakan Arslan, Burak Joy, Görkem Sevindik, Mustafa Yildiran, Eren Vurdem, Aytaç Yildiran, Mehmet Ali Karakuş, Doğukan Polat, Volkan Uygun,

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