Barbarossa Episode 26 in Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 26 in Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 26 in Urdu Subtitles They want to prevent us from acquiring this land. My Sheikh father used to say; Everything is with its opposite. If it has the power to drive the Christian unity against us, it is also able to disperse it. Thanks. Thanks. First of all, my faith sir. Every Crusader army has a Selahattin to face it. Thank goodness… …of course there is. My intention is that; It is to conquer the villages and castles that we cannot take with our pusat … Thanks to Father Gregor … …from the inside. For this, we will certainly gain non-Muslim subjects. And that’s what we ‘re going to do with Reverend Gregory. But… … those tekfurs will come here.

Here they will kneel. They will beg us.

They will see that their hearts are in our hands. And we will disassemble it whenever we want. Sir, then let’s start now, to attract the subject with us. Welcome to Pastor Söğüt. It has been little time since we escaped. He tries again. Good, Malhun. We want that too. Sir. We will arrive in Söğüt with Malhun Hatun. For rugs. Thanks. Goodbye babes. How about you? Osman! baby! My son! honey. Get out. Osman! Get out! Mother! What happened? Mother. My Bala! My daughter! Mother. To the room! Quick to the room! Lets! Come on, come on! My Bala! Give Asia. Come here. Open! Lets! Mother. Mother! My daughter. Honey, hold on a little. Hold on a little. Mother. I’m Bala. honey. honey. Son, late.

Withdraw! Withdraw! My beautiful daughter.

My beautiful daughter is here. I will look now. I’m Bala. I’m Bala. You say, mother. Thank god. His wound is light, son.  Come come. Baby? Baby mom? You go out. Mother. Halide comes out! Osman. Do not go. If our baby goes… Don’t go, Osman. I am her. Don’t worry, I’m here. Come on, lion. Come on, let me. Let’s. Mother. My beautiful daughter. Bring the water, come on. Mother. Mother son  Sticker girl. my son. You will be strong. baby. Mother, my child… Your good son will be fine, too. Who made these Malhun? Catalans, sir. We were returning from Söğüt.


Episode 25

The Catalans ambushed the road.

But… We will wipe out Osman from these lands. They say we will narrow these lands to you. Goktug. Sir. Get the thesis alps. Let them smash them on the ground. Turn it into a bloodbath. Today all the rivers in this land will flow red. It will flow, sir. Lets! Goktug! Don’t let my blood fall on the ground. Bring me their carcass. It’s your command, sir. Come on brothers. My God. Don’t show us child pity. Do not break my Bala’s arm and wing, O Lord. My Osman! Come on, Theodor. Did you find Keshishian? I found it, sir. I conveyed what you said. Well. What did he say? He said the priest Gregor is a close friend of mine as well as Rogatus.

He said that he will fulfil your wishes,

that he will learn the truth from Gregor. The battle without Cerkkutay is also very quiet. Isn’t it brothers? God’s tulip. Where are Cerkkutay and Aygül? My lord has given me the task. I don’t know. The Catalans go to their lairs on this road. We’ll crash on them as they come. Be on the alert. They can come at any time. Let’s not disgrace my lord. Let’s get out of this with a clear forehead, I hope. We will stop the dogs’ voices and breaths, my brother. Thanks. They come, sir. They are not many in number. Lets. instead of everyone. Where are these dogs? There is an ambush. Take action.

 Isn’t there Mr Osman? I thought it was our own income.

I don’t need to kill you, sir. Come on bro. Stop Diego. Hang on! Not like that! Bring your Osman Bey next time. Barbarossa Episode 26 in Urdu Subtitles. I’m Osman. I’m Bala. Thank god. You are fine. Our son? Mother. Is my mother-child okay, mother? Is my mother-son okay? Mother? You and your child are fine, thank goodness.  Is this a miracle? Mashallah. Barbarossa Episode 26 in Urdu Subtitles Thank god. honey. I was very scared, Osman. I’m so scared that we’re going to lose him.

Barbarossa Episode 26 in Urdu Subtitles

I’ve been through so much. But today… I have never been as afraid as today. I was so afraid of losing you. That something will happen to you… I was very afraid that something would happen to our baby, whom we went through so many tests. Barbarossa Episode 26 in Urdu Subtitles. I brought soup, sir. malhun. come on. come on. Slow. Slowly, slowly. Slow. Come on, bismillahirahmanirahim. Whether healing. Tell me, Bahadir. What the hell is our priest? They hold tighter than before. They look at the food that comes in. We already know these. Fortunately, they cannot stop a valiant person like you with these measures.

Is not it? You’re going to kill that priest.

Bahadir. Thank you for living all this work comfortably, tekfur Kosses. If I’m going to die eventually. …what does it mean? Certainly. Thanks for the offer. Lord Kosses. You can’t get out of here alive. Bahadir. Of course, if you try to kill Reverend Gregor … maybe you’ll get a chance to live. In case you change your mind as soon as you get out of here … you’ll appreciate that you’re not as protected as Pastor Gregor.

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