Destan Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitles There will not be a single place where they have not been hit. Sleepers awakened. And he set fire to his Khan with the ammunition they dreamed of conquering. It will explode as soon as someone walks in. You slithered among them like a snake, Cornelia. No, I’m just a loyal poor guy They brought Mari here too. What you learned from Mari will be very useful to us. Thanks to you, we will shoot Osman with his own gun. But no one will even think of it. Who can be harmed by an orphan who mourns for his wife? You will do more harm, Cornelia too… Too much. While we blow up Söğüt, you will play a trick on Gündüz. If you succeed, everyone will believe that Gündüz burned Söğüt to escape. This will be very easy.

I’m destroying everything, not just your people, sir.

By this time Cornelia must have finished her work. Oh my beautiful Cornelia. There is nothing he can’t do. What if Osman forgives Gündüz? Osman cannot face all this pressure and forgive Gündüz. It will kill him. We will reveal Gündüz’s innocence and burn Osman’s heart. Will he kill her? If he does not kill him, neither Kosses nor Turgut will forgive him. In this case, they will kill Gündüz. Barkin, those who do not participate in the war win the war. In this war, we are not the ones who fight, but the ones who start the war. Darkness always wins. Give this poison to Cornelia.

A poison that even the most adept healer cannot understand.

Odorless, invisible. We will hasten the extinction of that weak light of Oghuz. Willow will surrender to a dark fiction. Whoever did this… Destan Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitles. But… but this is a demon hiding in the dark business. We will be on the alert! Let that devil hide. I will speak the language he understands. The other way is over, Gündüz Bey, we will return to the camp. You cannot escape justice. Selvi Hatun, we run for justice, we run to justify ourselves! Day sir! Don’t force it. If so, you have no other choice.

 Are you going to kill me too, Ayşe lady? Run away, sir!

Ayse! Lets! We did not find any traces, and they personally searched my alps everywhere. The person who made the explosion is someone who knows Söğüt well. It’s not enough to say slice, but one of us. I don’t know that, Osman Bey, whoever betrays once will do it again. Tell me, does anyone know Söğüt better than Gündüz? This is such a big game that it’s a devilish game. I don’t know who the enemy is! But I know his cruelty well. My brother is not cruel. Of course it falls into heedlessness! But he would never do such a disgrace. Ahiyana will never kill a dervish! There is evidence, Osman Bey.


Episode 21 

It is Gündüz who killed my family. Is there a destur, sir?

Come on, Baysungur. Bismillah… you should say. – Sir. Akca. What happened to Akça? Trap. They set a trap for the tent, sir. Akca shepherd was martyred. What do you say! Akca. Baysungur. They killed the protection alps too, sir. What’s new, they didn’t put anything behind. They also burned the catapults, sir. Akca… Akca. This is such an enemy… This is such an enemy that it has no shadow! It is obviously hidden in the dark. But I will find it. I will find it. Tell us, Mr. Osman, how will you do this? I have a prisoner from those who attacked Han. I will get him to talk and learn the truth. Sir, is there any help? – Come on! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Mr. Osman. The bastard tried to run away, he took my life.

Destan Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitles

How can you do that without asking me! Mister! My lord meant our degenerate souls. Barkin was also injured. We plundered the whole Söğüt, but we couldn’t find anyone. I will surely bury these devils alive who put fire in my heart! Let them fear my wrath! It was very, very good that Willow burned, Argus. Again, they know all this from Gündüz. Beautiful, beautiful… Both Kosses and Turgut can no longer trust Osman. What about Day? We can say that he is already dead now. So, what will all this do for us? Both Kosses and Turgut will gradually move away from Osman. Someone badly wants to leave Osman alone. But who? Who is this secret alliance?

Sir, I was told to pass this on to you. You…

Of course you… Who else could have made such a big move but you! Ya Shafi. My father! Come on, open your eyes. Either Shafi or Shafi. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Healing from my Lord Bala lady, healing from my Lord! Hold on, my sheikh, hold on! Hang on! There is no hope of my Lord, Bala Hatun, we will pray. God bless you. Father. O Lord, heal my sheikh from time to time, O Lord. Father! It burns so hot! Auburn Abdal, eat something very hot! I hope he will get it. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Ya Shafi. Akca Dervish. Service in the lodge should continue.

God bless Ibrahim Faki. You can also tell me what the lodge is lacking. It is a blessing to me to serve the household where Allah is remembered and where Allah’s friends are. We’re skinny, of course. God bless you. There is no need for destura for every such service. There is no one. They’ve obviously lost track of us.

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