Alparslan Episode 24 in Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 24 in Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 24 in Urdu Subtitles, You don’t tell me that you have the news, right? good luck. I hope you come in good health. Good luck. Thanks, bro. I hope it’s all right. Amen amen. Alparslan, more than my life, my brother. Since the time has come, I will not keep it inside me and say it. Good deeds must be done quickly. If you ask me, it’s the fault you’ve been waiting for. Go tell what is overflowing from your eyes and heart. These things are a matter of luck. It means that we are not as God’s beloved servant as you are. Let the people of Oba know that they are still talking about the zeybek you play.

They are afraid of emigrating!

Even though the lords did not hurry, the people of the tribe attributed Akça Hatun to their lords. If you listen to the husbands and wives, they have already established a wedding association, they have even given you. But it seems to me that you are not the people of these groups, but rather you. I say big wives, Alparslan. They are quite old. While they are waiting for you, they are afraid of emigrating without seeing their master’s murvuvet. Let’s say good luck. Did I get it right, Diogenes?

Emir Bozan also had to perpetuate this lie!

Does Emir Bozan want to trade with us on behalf of the Ghazni State? Apparently yes. Mr Tekfur, as you know, several times before I went to Bust to visit Emir Bozan. When I met Şehver Sultan for commercial purposes unfortunately I had to lie that I came. I understand now. Alparslan Episode 24 in Urdu Subtitles, When Sultan Şehver scrutinizes the matter, Emir Bozan also had to perpetuate this lie. Probably. He wants steel from us. Of course apparently. What about in reality? A cheaper and inferior alloy than steel would do the trick. The usual Emir Bozan. Cunning and unreliable. I think he took it to get steel from the treasury he will keep some of the gold for himself.


Episode 23

Let me give you a bowl of buttermilk!

Wisely. After all, it is in our interest for Emir Bozan to be strong in Gaza. Absolutely, sir. Sir, we have a very big problem. Come easy, Akça Hatun. Thank you, sir. Welcome. If you stay in the camp until I come back, we will lose our hearts we said you would be relieved, but who is listening? But Sir No pain, Akça Hatun. It seems that you have no intention of giving me peace of mind. Let me give you a bowl of buttermilk, Mr If it doesn’t refresh your heart, maybe it will refresh your heart. It’s not what Iran will see. My heart and my heart are relieved only by your being away from sorrow and trouble. So know this. I want you to take the same step as you did.

No one will come to save you and the soldiers!

I hope sir. Stay out of trouble so that your hazel eyes are not clouded by grief. Is there worse trouble than love, Alparslan Bey? You know my eyes are hazel, but my eyes are that you can look inside and say you can’t. Sir, do you think Hüseyin will deliver the news? Alparslan Episode 24 in Urdu Subtitles, The news will reach Kutay. Keep your mind open. Ibrahim Yinal! Ibrahim Yinal! Give me that. I failed. You still have time to take your soldiers and go. No one will come to save you and the soldiers. Do not wait in vain. Get up, get up. You will either die inside or outside. Or you will surrender the headquarters. They are heedless.

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