Destan Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles, Look at that. It’s like he came out of the palace, not the well. Look at that outfit she’s wearing. Akınay immediately took possession of her, and she laid her dowry in front of her. To the north of Vaspurakan, Turkish horsemen were seen roaming around Kapteron. Catch and bring them with your unit so we can understand what their purpose is. You are welcome, dear father. This is the first time I’ve seen such. It is even more flamboyant than the Bey palace. Look at the decorations on that wall. Alparslan, has something happened to my father? My father’s health is good, sister.

I will start an investigation immediately!

However, our kings who went to war were ambushed on the way to Rey. What do you say, Alparslan Bey? So how is their health? Erbaskan has a wound. But it’s okay now. What was the reason for the worry on his face then? Gazni’s arrow came out from those who shot the ambush. Read Gazni? Aren’t you the border governor? Does even a bird fly from the bust without your knowledge? How come these traitors cross the border and come all the way to Rey? I will start an investigation immediately and find the people who made this treacherous attack on you. Give me time until the evening. Until then, be my guest.

It is necessary to go around the mountain!

If he can’t find it, let him know that your head will go away. Tell me, Hasan, what is this mountain called? They call this mountain Tendürek, Süleyman. Beyond the mountain is a plain, which the Byzantine infidels call Kapteron, and our Turkomans call Painter. If there is going to be a pitched battle, it is the most suitable place. Let’s go and see it then. It is necessary to go around the mountain. Destan Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles, That would waste us three days. Of course, there are shortcuts through the hill. There are very steep passages even if they exist. Apart from the trouble, they are also suitable places to ambush. Or are you afraid, Hasan Bey?

I do not want Süleyman’s peace to be disturbed!

I didn’t say it out of fear, Süleyman. But it is pointless to be thrown into the lap of danger out of the blue. Then take half of the alps and come back. Let me cross the mountain with the remaining valiants without a shortcut. No such thing, but hook together. Let’s walk. Come on, braves. I know Emir Bozan before, sir. For a long time, his greed had blinded his eyes. For this reason, it always comes to me uncanny. You are right, Atabey. I don’t like Bozan very much either. However, his sister, Karaca, who is married to Süleyman, ties my hands. I do not want Süleyman’s peace to be disturbed.

We have entered the most suitable passage!

Moreover, my sister Şehver also trusts Bozan. Red beetroot dish made for my gentlemen with my own hands now. Well done. Innkeeper. Why is your daylight inn empty when you have such good food? Don’t worry, it’ll get pretty busy soon. Ambush! You’ve come to the end of the road, bloodthirsty nasty beasts. Destan Episode 28 in Urdu Subtitles, We have entered the most suitable passage to be ambushed in this vicinity. It’s not the time to whine, it’s done. Let’s turn this ambush upside down. None of them will get out of here alive. Attack! Let’s show these bastards who Oghuz’s valiant Turks are. Hasan, the head of the herd of dogs tries to escape.

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