Destan Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitles, Everything is plainly obvious. Emir Karabay is working behind his own state he turned it over and gave my family to them. This is sheer treason, and I paid the penalty for treason as it should. Now tell me that killing Karabay is there a penalty or not? Emir Karabay has betrayed you and showed hostility towards us. If fasting didn’t kill, you would have executed or we would have dealt with it. The issue is closed. Then it’s up to us to punish them. Destroy it. I promised to spare their lives if they told the truth. In our place, no one can take our word on the ground. Come on, go back to your own land now.

You dreamed of being the hero of the siege!

Ilyas, let them go too. Don’t show up any more, come on. It is necessary to act quickly for the conquest of Kalymnos, Pasha. We have prisoners inside, they are under torture. All the time we waste is their scourge. I will give the necessary order for the preparations, you And you will obey and do what I say. Remember, I’m the squire of this siege everyone else will do what I say. If you dreamed of being the hero of the siege, I would say forget it now. I am a sun and you shine only as much as the light I give. Thankfully, justice was served, and Oruç was saved from persecution. One of my sons survived the ordeal, but the situation of the other one eats me up.

We’re in enough trouble, let’s not mess with you!

Help us, our Mary, who was captured by the hands of the infidels of Allah. Start the siege as soon as possible and conquer the castle even if they save Meryem from there. Who knows what kind of torture he is under now. You make a living as I’m your mother, your daughter with a state. Fasting killed an Emir and left me powerless. Didn’t your conscience ever hurt, Hüma Hatun? Is this the Hatun that you couldn’t fit into the sky? Is there no salvation from you? We’re in enough trouble, let’s not mess with you. Justice has been served, and you will gladly accept it. You violate the cause of Allah you stood on the side of those who are hostile to him.


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That vineyard turned around and took your neck!

What a soldier who takes sides with the enemy and becomes one nor Emir Firuze Hatun. You have driven us from our country just because of your blinding greed. Destan Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitles, You put a stone on our bread. You wanted to hang my children from the gallows. But look, that vineyard turned around and took your neck. It turns out that justice is not at the hands of us weak servants you went out of your way, it would manifest from the right, wouldn’t it? You turned off my stove. I hope your stove goes out too.

The brothers united and set up a siege!

You already found your trouble to curse and cause more trouble. You have resorted to every means to defeat us but you failed. Now, get out of here with the crush of defeat. This war will not end until I take my revenge, you’ll see. My brother Khidr informed us that they were digging a passage from the west side. We will dig a gate from the outside and reach that gate. From a place that the people of Kalymnos did not expect we will raid and capture the castle. We will also save our captives. Mashallah, the brothers united and set up a siege. No way, there is no passage. All the forces that will be established in the east of the headquarters will attack the eastern walls.

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