Alp Arslan Episode 19 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 19 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 19 in Urdu, Akınay sister, is there any gesture? Hassan bro. “My dear sacrifice to your path, my dear sacrifice” “The birdwing is heavier than me” “I’m half deaf” “I’m half deaf” For how long do I sense familiar loneliness in your face. You have no one. “Go my crane and call the half” Father. “If he comes, his throne is ready, oh my” “Oh my goodness, my goodness” “My dear sacrifice to your path, my dear sacrifice” Sir. I didn’t notice you, Mr Hasan. You took me back so long my beautiful girl. My late lady’s voice was beautiful just like you. While he was doing a job, he would always sing like this.

I was sure you’d be dizzy like this in no time!

Do you have something to say, a wish, sir? While I was looking for you to see if you went away again that’s my situation, you took me far away, my beautiful girl. What would I wish for? Is there any news from Alparslan Bey? Don’t worry, my beautiful girl. If it was bad news, it would come quickly. Keep it open. I hope you’re welcome. Thank you. I was sure you’d be dizzy like this in no time. Thank you, sir. You are welcome, son. Welcome, mother. Sir, I hope everything is in the right direction. It is so, my father is so. Welcome bro. Thank you, sister. My brother. Let the table be set for our Tez Alparslan Bey and his alps.

I am absolutely sure that we are in Gazni!

Welcome, Mr Alparslan. Let’s see, braves. Tell me, what happened? Thank you. Look, look, he plays with the cheetah, he comes and makes a joke with Alparslan Bey. Get into the wind that fills the night. Train this to Alparslan. Sir, if my salvation is one side of the issue the other side is the danger that awaits Ghazni. You would think that the home of Karma is the Bust. I am absolutely sure that we are in Gazne the perpetrator of those who came is Bozan. And it is still the greatest danger as an order in Ghazni. Is it Emir Bozan again, Alparslan? How long will this stubbornness last? Don’t you see the truth, Süleyman?


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We cannot make Sultan Tuğrul accept Bozan’s treachery!

Every stone we throw, every trace we find belongs to Bozan your relatives either make a noise or take us to them. All these coincidence rights are denied. I know we don’t have strong enough evidence to prove Bozan. Without evidence, we cannot make Sultan Tuğrul accept Bozan’s treachery. If there is no doubt in your mind anymore, How will we reveal Bozan’s treacherous ambitions, son? By making Bozan feel that he is cornered. Thus, Bozan will make his last and big move. You say what is right, sir. Only when cornered does the jackal attempt to claw at the wolf. If he does not experience that feeling, this accursed will not show itself.

We will not enter anyone’s land!

So, for the jackal to have that courage we will make the necessary move, Mr Batur. What’s on your mind son? Tell us so we know. Sir, the first thing we need to do is Merv and Bust to seize the ruler’s lands Thus, not a single bird can fly without seeing the bust. And the swamp itself. Alp Arslan Episode 19 in Urdu, To the lands of Ghazni, my Sultan brother will not consider a trip we will make appropriate. What about the governor of Bust and even the Ghazni Sultan Mevdud will her lady Begin Şehver see fit, sir? We will not enter anyone’s land. But that doesn’t mean that we should pass on to these cursed people through our land.

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