Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 in Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 in Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 in Urdu Subtitles Does he not trust me that much? There is only one way to learn them all. What was that old man’s name? In Söğüt, in the church. Yun sir. Find Yun Yun. Let him go find out the whole truth for me from Gregor . Stop! Wait! There is one more thing. Inform the Bithynia Tekfurs. I’m waiting for them all in the pen tomorrow. Including Kosses. Yes, sir. Are you okay? Will you help me get up, brother? Certainly. Are you hurt? Come come. You shouldn’t have underestimated me, brother. You’re right. No Palaylagos should be taken lightly.

Sorry. Important news came from Bilecik.

Tell me. Tekfur Rogatus invites all Tekfurs to his castle for tomorrow. He’s got Pastor Gregor. He will gather us all there and make a show of power when he can think of it. He can’t, sir. The other news is just about that. In Bilecik Castle, everyone is talking about Gregor’s escape from the castle and taking shelter in Osman of his own accord . to Osman? Voluntarily. Look, I’m intrigued by Rogatus’ invitation. What should we do? We’ll go and see what he has to tell us. But first… …I need to see Osman. You want Gregor, brother? Certainly.

But this time, stating that it was the emperor’s will.

However, Osman denies this. I know that too, Maria. But this time, there is no Tekfur Rogatus against him. There is Mihail Kosses, who also got the support of the Byzantine emperor behind him. The time has come for Osman to realize this, and it is already past. Come on Alps! It is necessary to return to the camp before sunset. honey! Won’t you talk to me? The arrogance you showed to Gökçe hurt the whole tribe. Wouldn’t you be offended if it were you, Gonca? If you show weakness, who should I trust? You are right Bala.


Episode 88

I made a mistake. excuse me.

Can I shoot arrows too, Osman Bey? Here you go Kosses. honey. Will you look angry at me? Can a person be angry with his sister? Balam. You will soon fall into my hand. Alps! Open your eyes. Honey be careful. We will wipe out Osman from these lands. We will narrow these lands to you. Bad dog. honey! my son. baby. honey! honey! honey! We’re filming! honey! my son. hold on a little. honey! honey! Bala, you are a strong girl. Hang on. Hang on! Honey, hold on a little. my son. baby. honey! honey! Let my Bala wake up, my Bala. -We are returning to the camp quickly! -Honey! Let’s! Alps! honey. -Bala, get yourself back.

Using Turkish broadcast requires merit.

Because… …the bow is short… …the arrow is short… …the draw is short. It seems you have that virtue too, Osman Bey. You didn’t come here to watch archery practice , Kosses. You know very well why I came, Osman Bey. It’s a very brave move to retain Reverend Gregor… … someone whom the emperor so desires . But where has it been seen that courage prevents destruction? If you persist in this attitude … the emperor will be very angry. And there will be very harsh sanctions. The news spread as fast as my arrows. I didn’t expect you so soon. This is Bithynia. Small place. And what’s your offer, Kosses? Let’s give the priest to you… …and get rid of all the burdens? Yup.

This is exactly what I propose, Osman Bey.

It’s up to you to end the matter before it gets more complicated. If you go on like this… I’m afraid emperor- We will live together with you in this land for a long time. I thought you knew the Turks, even a little, Mihail Kosses. Father Gregor took refuge with us voluntarily. If not, even if Emperor Andronikos personally came… he would never be able to take refuge with us. That’s how you convey it to your emperor. -Come on, God! -The truth is God! -Come on, God! -The truth is God! -Come on, God! -God is right! Come on God! Sir. To whom would you give this sword? Who will it be, master David.  If you say what happened. What happened? Selcan Ana! Selcan Ana! Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 89 in Urdu Subtitles My Bala! What happened to you? What is this?



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