Alp Arslan Episode 12 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 12 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 12 in Urdu, Who are these black cursed mothers? We’ll understand now. Come on, valiant girls of Kınık, do not let their accursed ones alive! Come on, black snakes. Just see how the Seljuk lady cut the sword. Lets! Never Hatun! Never! Gevher Hatun, are you okay? Akca Hatun! Brother. Akca Hatun. Brother. Are you okay? I’m fine, Akça Hatun is dying. Akça Hatun hold on, hold on. Who are these demon pups, sir? We need to get the injured people to headquarters. Erbaskan Bey, you inform the camp. I need a doctor from Oba, sir. I’ll go and go for a breath.

We want to deliver it to someone!

Sir, don’t waste your time. Akça Hatun’s condition seems heavy. He shielded himself against Gevher and took this wound. You bring the load, I’ll go first with the wounded. Akınay mother should hold her head very hard, not to be shaken. Lets! Mr Göktuğ, I knew you were coming. Why did you call me, what do you want to talk about? Not the headquarters of Alparslan, but the one we can trust we want to deliver it to someone. For example, you. What do you say, girl, can your ears hear what comes out of your mouth? If I remember correctly, while you were riding around here You said that Alparslan had already sucked milk from his mother.

You will give that to headquarters first!

To remain under the rule of someone like Alparslan Bey do you want to, or do you want to be a reigning lord? The decision is yours. Just today you signed a non-aggression agreement with Alparslan. How are you going to take the headquarters from him and give it to me? You will give the headquarters to us first, and then we will give it to you. Without bloodshed. If there is no attack, the agreement will not be broken. Let’s say I said okay. Will you make the same agreement with Alparslan with me? If our cooperation will continue in the future, my uncle’s I’m sure you will happily say yes to this offer. Have a room ready quickly.


Episode 11

Do whatever is necessary until the doctor comes!

Sir who did it? Come on, carry the wounded inside. Come on Alps. Lets. Come on, brave, act quickly, get the injured out of the car. Lets. Come on, hurry. Mister are you okay? Come on, hurry. Hang on, the doctor will come. You’ll be fine, don’t let yourself go. Akina, are you okay? Alp Arslan Episode 12 in Urdu, Lets. Come on, come on, hurry up. Who is this bitch, Mr Batur? Let Alparslan Bey take a breath, of course, we will find out. Do whatever is necessary until the doctor comes, Akınay mother. Mother, you are injured too. Is mine a wound, son? Especially water, bring warm water, valiant. Ladies entrust you, Atabey. Sir. Where will you go, sir? Sir, stop.

Not every Turk is as smart as Alparslan!

Act quickly, alps, come on. You mustn’t miss my gentleman. Thesis, get these things to Akınay mother. Come on, come on. Come on, come on. Göktuğ asked for time until midnight to think. But he will accept. How can you be so sure? I know men well, General. Few refuse money and power. And most are seduced by a small smile. Alp Arslan Episode 12 in Urdu,  What they thought they were hiding but couldn’t succeed succumb to his weaknesses. I know Turks well too, Princess. Even if he admits, those who attack our lands to trust a Turkmen brain is a big risk. Relax, Diogenes. Not every Turk is as smart as Alparslan. Hesitant to jump to the bait on the end of the fishing rod I don’t think you will hesitate. I hope you are not wrong once again, Mr Tekfur.

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