The Oath Soz Season 3 Episode 76 With Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 3 Episode 76 With Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 3 Episode 76 With Urdu Subtitles, Check it. It’s really soda. Tell me what happened. Remember I had a friend, Sir? God damn him, Sir. God damn him. It turns out that he is an idiot. Turns out the girl is damn rich, Sir. She made fun with him. She made fun with my friend. Why didn’t she say it at first? The girl is different. He thought he was running away from someone. From her father. Turns out it was all a lie, Sir. Then, my friend went to the girl. She snapped his head off, sir. She snapped his head off so badly She asked him.

I told him to get himself together

Who are you? She said, Look at yourself and look at me. She said, I’m the butcher’s cat and you’re a stray cat. He was ridiculous. My boy has become a wreck, Sir. My Dad is dead. But We told him. I told him that girl was insane. I told him she was a nut so. We told him that girl seemed lost. The Oath Soz Season 3 Episode 76 With Urdu Subtitles, I told him to get himself together. That he should have stayed away from that girl. I told him, You are a man who’s come from the heart of Anatolia. She asked him What are you doing? I told him to wake up. She told him she was an artist and she wasn’t for her.

I see you’re so close with your daughter-in-law

We told him he was a man of Anatolia. I told him to get him together but Leave them, mom. We can handle it. Just come here. The girls can do it. Okay then. Boncuk I can help if you want. No, you don’t need to. We can do it. So, Feyzullah? How is your marriage? It’s good, Sir. Bless her, she’s taking good care of me. She does. My daughter-in-law is the best. The Oath Soz Season 3 Episode 76 With Urdu Subtitles, Oh, knock on wood, Mrs. Guler. Then, bad things may happen. God forbid. The table is ready. Here you go. Come on, Mrs. Esma. Come on, son.



We came for dinner

Come on, honey. Bdrek? Did you make it? No, my mom made it. Oh, the girls Oh Who could it be at this hour? Did we invite anyone else? No. Probably it’s one of the neighbors. I’ll get it then. Come on. Ms. Nazli. Atesh? Is your father at home? He is but Then, you’re not the one I’ll speak to for now. I need to talk to your father. Atesh? Were you here, too? Yes, Sir. We came for dinner. Bon appetite. The Oath Soz Season 3 Episode 75 With Urdu Subtitles, I came for Is it what I’m guessing? For what, son? For a good thing. Nazli, take the things Atesh’s holding. I’ll take them. Here, Ms. Nazli. Have a seat over there.

What is this good thing?

No, Sir. There’s no need to hurry. You could have your dinner. We can eat later. The table is here. Come on, have a seat. I’m sorry that I disturbed you at dinner, Sir. Dinner is right here. Come on, have a seat. I’m sorry, Sir. I apologize for disturbing you at dinner. Come on. Tell me. What is this good thing? Sir. My feelings for Nazli are clear. Everyone knows them and there is no point in me telling you how much I love Ms. Nazli here. There’s no need. You shouldn’t. I agree I shouldn’t. Sir, I wanted to come here and do the thing I’m going to do right now many times before But it didn’t happen, we couldn’t. I couldn’t. You know my situation.




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