The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 38 With Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 38 With Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 38 With Urdu Subtitles, I’m looking at this floor again. I’m still looking but I don’t think it’s here. Not here. I’m going upstairs. I have not looked everywhere. Welcome, Mr Fadi. We found it nice, dear parliamentarian. Seeing you here surprised me. You know the story of refugees more than westerners. But I am very pleased that you organized such a nice charity night. As you know, our last encounter was not very pleasant. If you remember. This is actually what really causes me to be surprised. As you said in our last meeting, this is not how things work in Europe. I’m also slowly learning how things work.

The meeting room is ready

Good choice. It also made me very happy that you contributed two hundred thousand Euros to this night. Thank you. I think the more we get to know each other, the more we will love it. Let this night be the beginning of our long-term friendship and partnership. The meeting room is ready. With your permission. Nothing, right? No. Where could he go? Did you find anything by Pınar? The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 38 With Urdu Subtitles, The man flew as if not anywhere. Pascal is still there. They will eventually find him. What if he met that man until he found it? Then all plans fall through. What is the situation?

I want to live this beautiful moment together

Zehra, Serdar, come on now, Pınar. Find enough for that guy. We were finally able to meet. What’s wrong with you? Who was that woman? Which woman? That woman below. You are welcome. We just chatted a little bit. It seemed like a long conversation. The woman wanted to go, you didn’t even let her. Did you like it much? Are you jealous? You will be the loser. Losing remains light, Leyal. I would have made the mistake of my life. Come. Come. I want to live this beautiful moment together. Do not forget today, my love. Today will be the day our story begins. Those in it will open all the doors of the Middle East to us.


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It means we don’t need Pascal anymore

The whole world is planning to complete the SİHAs. Do you know where that plan is? Here it is between my fingers. Dreamy. All of the pain I have experienced I will be rewarded for all suffering. Let the show begin. They ran the hard disk. Did they run the program? Soon they will click on the box that falls on their screen. The program will be active at that time. Immediately determine where the signal is coming from. No way! This is the building ours are in. Yes. The hard disk also went there. It means we don’t need Pascal anymore. If we find the hard disk, it means that we have found who gave the order of the SİHA attack.

There are also two guards at the door

Friends hard drive in Berlin, in the building you are in. The man you are looking for is there. Pascal is not our priority. The important thing is to find the location of the hard disk. Come on guys, let’s finish this job. It is understood. The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 38 With Urdu Subtitles, It is understood. The hard disk is working. Inside all the information. Then I invite our guests. There is mobility. Zehra comes a man in a green bow tie towards you. Follow it. They are going up. You follow Pınar. There is a special room here, it is entered with a card. There are also two guards at the door. And most importantly, guys, the hard drive is in this room.

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