The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles, In the past, our F16s could not find a bomb to throw. Do you know why? Because we would buy it from outside. We used foreign ammunition to combat terrorism. They didn’t sell it. But we did it ourselves. These guys did. It was not enough. They didn’t sell helicopters. We did it ourselves. This patriot did. They didn’t sell tanks. We did it ourselves. They did not even give us the warplanes we paid for or developed. But we will do that too. Believe me, we will do that too. Now the owners of these items are under the ground. Their families are miserable. You, too.

I’m going to the hotel in a moment!

Do you think I don’t know you’re thinking of them every second? But you have a sacred duty. You will find those who have planned them. And you will do whatever you need. Otherwise, this country does not give you the right to this flag. You will stay with what you live between these four walls, do you understand? Got it, President. Now go find this guy. Detect and do what is necessary. I am in Berlin. I’m going to the hotel in a moment. Pascal is here. Go to the hotel and wait for news from us. OK. Room 501. Find out which front it is facing. He looks at another hotel directly opposite. Yes.

It connects to the computer!

You have to keep room 1504 at the opposite hotel so that you can spy on the man’s room. Is the room full? Is the room full Sorry, he has a customer? We do it like this. There is the main system to which all air conditioners in the hotel are connected. It connects to the computer. If one of you allows us to access this system, we can also intervene from here. I said room number 1504, right? Is correct. Isn’t it there? Yes yes here. Sitting watching TV. We’re here until Pascal leaves. Yes. What shall we do? Is anyone hungry? Well, I’m dying. Well, we’ll say something from room service. The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles, I don’t eat there. Why? They’re eating pigs or something.


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He cannot say that he is going to the bathroom!

Okay, we’ll say something without a pig. Let it be. Now, these are cooking pork or something where they are cooking. Here he smears on his knives or something. I do not eat, you eat. Isn’t there a Turkish butcher around here? Let’s do something here. There is also a kitchen. Who will do it? Let me tell you that I am not successful in the kitchen at all. We handle it, what will happen to him? You get the material, I’ll take care of it. Anyway, I’m going to a meeting. What meeting? He cannot say that he is going to the bathroom. Friend, there is no bidet faucet in this toilet. The Oath Soz Season 2 Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles, These guys are literally living in filth. Ok, brother, you take a shower completely. Okay then.

There is an invitation tomorrow night!

Okay, anyway, let’s get out. Does anyone want anything? Would you like something sweet too? My blood sugar is falling. OK. His phone rang. I’m giving out the sound. All right, I’m listening. Halo. Are you settled? Yes, I’m even getting bored. When are we going to meet? I’m buying a plane ticket. I want to go somewhere warm. It could be the Maldives. I will get the payment, right? You will buy it in nine millimetres, let’s see. Have a little patience. There is an invitation tomorrow night. Fadi will see you there. How, what invitation? Where? Kurfürstendamm, number fortytwo. In the ballroom on the top floor. A photography exhibition for the benefit of refugees. 

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