The Oath Soz Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitles

The Oath Soz Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitles If anyone breaks the word Umur brain, first of all, my steel pusat will unsheath! Black Osman! Black Osman! No, Kumral Abdal. What are you looking at? Is there any human being other than me who will call you Black Osman in the big camp? There is no such thing. You should say so. Why are you calling like that? Tell us to know. You went hunting. Yeah. E mountains have missed me. Hehe. I also missed the sound of the forest and the shadow of the mountains.

Let him say come on too, Kumral, come with you

Lets! Well then, you can come too. Do not let these mountains be orphaned. Hah, now it happened. You, the disgrace of the Ballina. Traitor! Stop! Cerkutay. Look at you. You betrayed the laws of Genghis Khan. Turks made your market. Cerkutay pledged allegiance to Allah’s laws. Camo We came as Osman’s brain ambassador. Call it. Camo, you won’t see any stupidity from us like the messenger you sent. Shut up! Watch me. Brothers, you stay here. By order of the Seljuk sultan,

Osman Beyim will pay his tax to the Seljuks.

Osman finally found the right way in his own way. If gold is to come, we do not care where it comes from. Ha Osman Bey, from the sultan draft. We will continue to charge taxes until your marrow is dry. Every breath you take is taxable. Just like Osman Bey is subject to me, Geyhatu. Sir Osman wanted you to know that you will stick to our agreement. Tell Osman Bey, if he wants to breathe in those lands, he will continue to be subject.

The shadow of my sword, my anger will stand on your neck

like a death sentence. Don’t forget that, go now. Say to the Bey of Osman, Black Shaman Today will also be loyal to the agreement. Go. Lets. Let him wait for the day when I burn him alive. Shh. Lets. Our informal hunt will not be able to smell our scent. Lets. What did you do, Kumral Abdal?

He was both wounded and awful, my lord.

God’s beauty fell into trouble. Kumral Abdal is your hunting lesson and you waste our time. Sorry, sir. Excuse me. I wanted us not to spoil the generation of these gazelles around here. My father told this to my brothers all night. You showed it and I shot it. You showed it and I shot it. Heydays hey. He didn’t wait for you to hit the first time you tried it, sir. Honestly,

I have not heard of the person who made this, mashallah.

How proud the late Ertuğrul Gazi is with you, my lord. Won’t you be proud, my Gonca? When my master is also a son, he will be proud, too. E sir, let’s go hunting, then you seem to miss it too. Well, let’s go hunting. Let’s go now, let’s go tomorrow. Let’s go tomorrow. Let me put the sherbet from the inside. Let me help you too, my Bala.

I do not know where the words will go.

don’t you mind Boran alpine flaw. He couldn’t imagine his intention was not bad. Sorry, my Gonca. Boran alp did not say anything wrong. Every father is proud of his child. Osman can not be a father. I paid tax to Today. What did Today say? He is so sure of himself that he thinks he is the only ruler of Bithynia. Is it just Bithynia? What else can be expected from the hunting dog of Geyhatu,


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