Teskilat Season 2 Episode 43 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 43 With Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 43 With Urdu Subtitles It’s like an arrow thrown from the bow, we will also walk towards the enemy is our target and I ‘m not a lake again, it’s easy on your side OK lk mom, you’re grieving, we’re going to avenge your brothers and sisters, but our cause is not a revenge case. This is the case of divine word, let it be in this. Only we know the inside of this İnegöl like our palms. We have a way to this and we’ll keep the idea that iron balls are filled in fire then we’ll It will plan and explode and or Mahir will whiten it, smell the iron on WhatsApp for cheap, what will happen to this is not salsa, where do we deal with it ?

It means the Black Sea.

Maybe there is a man to sleep with, do we have pain, , nothing, not me. If we wait for help through the sultan of the womb, our catapults will suffice, but we will start to besiege the castle beforehand, but the sultan’s help will follow. if it will come i have income but other you are easy ability accelerates There are traps everywhere including the roads What is this and these catapults are the closest to this castle ah This is how we will write It’s very nice com Ela Do you want it t, thank you sir, you should eat inside your baby now wishes I see you in the same days feeling mommy I’m something else but

How long does it take to unite a catapult that has all these parts,

all ok? All ok Tomorrow Today we are the catapults in a caravan, you know the forests of this region in a single line one song If we tie the laces close to the ends in this area, the first thing nikola will see is not his smile, but the most extreme friends. It will be dark, Osman Bey also zenova Formanda, for example, if we burn Nicola, we will expose Nicola, it is not acceptable and during the day what Bey will say will happen. I will write to Uncle Yıldız this Turgut tail Maarif Yes boni this is true brother what news la la la I didn’t I didn’t la la did you get it download this news you can’t take it in the tent this Alo Osmanlı Şaban bro i ‘m there tomorrow it’s slow it’s


Episode 42

This lk is tiny but this is very important never again

undisputed until you breathe this works and back and even that Forgive What have you done leave those glasses Lk real Fatih yes let’s go home now I love you so much follow you this is pure water finance please don’t leave me You are a family of colors yes let’s go home now we didn’t wake up rocket Barbie ha ha huh [M zik] I don’t vote for you k do you have these chicks are not at home Didn’t he get better in his eyes? No No, no, we were busy, no one did not see me at all. Bala Hatun, this is it. Go check it out. If you think of anything, come immediately, OK, to Balat and all the evidence. let them rest and in the daytime Ayşe will do this they are not on TV I know .

Allah Oğuz let’s go talk again okay this poison comes out

of the plate the bottle comes out of their tent show everything brothers but my brother cousin GB something like this don’t don’t don’t do n’t don’t , this is a difficult lesson and then I can’t forget what they did. The most belonged to my father Then God saves us from slander Aysem Inshallah You to me did she go with her baby in her innocent belly Alem is in motion 3D cheat Day and can you be this bad Yes when will I save a strong memory This He killed it before, you didn’t send your own hands, There are many reasons for chd fish Mashallah sentence offers things from earth, is it a long light, it l That’s why and I miss e-registration hu son, won’t you be able to separate anyone again ,

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 43 With Urdu Subtitles

Is there anything better in the world than the reunion of a mother and her child? Thank God , I will call you for your service Is there anything better in the world than the reunion of a mother and her child? Thank God , The main street leading to the business castle of nikola falls in front of us and makes it easier. We tk his head . Teskilat Season 2 Episode 43 With Urdu Subtitles I help our lady now en gd night Gd night sir but we woke up Efe this is but you stay in endless sleep tonight Master pains You unite, this health is in your hands.

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