Barbarossa Episode 27 in Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 27 in Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 27 in Urdu Subtitles while you own the rate, it separated me from my son. It’s not the time of Keramet. Good luck about to I promised him how much I promised him, he asked about the mushroom, I said they should be perfect He asked this and I asked about you too . I told him I didn’t know but he was after you, he should be suspicious. It’s covered in mud , can we eat it from the same bowl ? Yes, money Dam , whatever you say, you are right from one place to the other, I have a brother, but I am not as strong as them and I am not fooled by what they say, Barbarossa Episode 27 in Urdu Subtitles

this is the penalty for falling in the middle,

be a r what is known and why No dear, it is halal for you bro this is how you wake me up this is Ertuğrul Gazioğlu this is straight and it came out of you like this I’ll start bro, but God my brothers and sisters, I saw the state after us and I will not break the mood when you shout, what would you do? Let them get it ready Uncle , I’m going home or to this Selamunaleyküm And aleykümselam or I’ve been waiting for you Güngör Bey Karamanoğlu rebelled, things are getting mixed up Watch the Emperor andronikos commanders Everyone is taking a situation according to this press But the reason for this turmoil What is it?

I still have the seal of my brother .

It is my duty to destroy the underground for him, I will make Ahmet Ah from the bones of the Hatun , alemşah those ends GH The one who survived the water will declare all the plains of his loyalty to the gentleman But I am throwing it again while digging the grave I have another issue for you too, good luck this is Orhan vote mashallah my lion my lion piece oh he he isso so that the night is plus light next time thank goodness thank god thank him so much Thank God we are together again. We used a table like this for a few times. Well, we missed it, I missed it so much, but this is you, Barbarossa Episode 27 in Urdu Subtitles.


Episode 26

to this devil’s language I fell for this devil’s language ,

my heart always hurts. In this short time, the test has given you so much experience, I have no face to look at any of you. I will say in Bursa Face Excuse me You me too who are we ? e- this thank god my mother is sad , if there is, my right is halal thank goodness Gündüzbey this thank you to do you have this Come on Let’s see, enjoy and Bismillahirrahmanirrahim or know your place Karaosman Now he will set up a toy secretly in the group that has informed the gentlemen, or I am the Bodrum judge. Here’s your example, that’s what is it. Oh Osman’s crying. The baby he set up while uncle was in my hands is not dangerous. His older brother, who sits on the man’s coat,Barbarossa Episode 27 in Urdu Subtitles

you will never destroy the pain-guys,

my brother Sultan’s There should be no obstacles in front of you, Alemşah beats tonight, how do you think to kill ? Did everything send an army? Oh no. I’ll do it soon. You go to sleep. u Protects an Army How will you shoot This smart alemşah smart mind is a bigger weapon than the greatest armies in the whole world sleep sleep I’ll be from where he didn’t expect me Osman mountain is looking for a way to kill a gay Hacı seeks a way to kill him hurry up as Allah thank you a soldier, you call this subject, this Supreme Court to this moment . What is the order of Allah ? how better the other gutay He’ll take care of my daughter [Music ] I voted and gone God doesn’t make any sense to prolong Barbarossa Episode 27 in Urdu Subtitles

This too, you can control yourself .

Are there any soldiers outside? no one will go hungry for your brother this Monday, but you and I are with me, no, is the rest easy yes, let’s go Heli or Saadet Ayşe, send it to watch, you say, take it , we ‘ve got this far, but maybe we’ll break up for the honorable Emir I won’t be upset, oh what? I’m sorry, you will be hungry for the wedding of two lovers, will it be better than this? to this love. It will be a victim of love. to Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. send it ha Allahu Akbar stop These babies brother Take this away Otherwise I’m stuck standing the end of patience is peace

May Allah make my Lord happy amin amen amin Mehmet we are excited brother brother too little waiting today is exciting o oo Good What do you have yet Karayel i Ya no, you are the transportation with me,to this land We will use it for my family and in this box it will be a part of the text but but but only not what my eye sees I’ll call Cihan by the name of 99 Ya Rabbi He’s in a hat . to Who are you? Get out of my way, this is not my intention .

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