Teskilat Episode 13 with Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Episode 13 with Urdu Subtitles

In Teskilat Episode 13 with Urdu Subtitles, Fadi is brought to Turkey. He is interrogated about the planned attack on the Kale. But he refuses to answer the questions. Serdar can’t control his emotions and he is willing to do anything to get the answers. But Mete Bey is not happy with the behaviour of Serdar. Because Mete Bey wants to interrogate Fadi in a professional way in Teskilat Episode 13 with Urdu Subtitles.

The Team decides to arrest Ceren and the company!

Despite Fadi’s capture, Chief instructs Ceren to continue with her grand attack plan. As a result of the evaluations made at the headquarters, it is decided that Ceren should be stopped. An operation is planned to arrest Ceren with all her connections, especially Chief. Serdar is personally interested in arresting Ceren because of the emotional damage that Ceren has done to Serdar. He was after the revenge for a long time in Teskilat Episode 13 with Urdu Subtitles. He wanted this opportunity for a very long time but he couldn’t get the opportunity because Ceren was part of the case. She was very vital for getting information about the organization which is working against the State of Turkey.

Terrorists appear on television!

Meanwhile, terrorists who came to the country for a major attack appear on television with the mechanism they set up and make threats. Looking for different ways to reach the details of the planned attack, Uzay needs Gürcan to track down the money transferred by Fadi. Great surprises await them as the team struggles from all sides to prevent the big attack against Kale.


Mete Bey (Mesut Akusta), an experienced intelligence officer, will establish a team. This team will carry out many covert operations at home and abroad. Serdar Kılıçaslan (Çağlar Ertuğrul) is the most popular name of Teskilat. They choose him as the leader of the team.

This brings together the best intelligence officers of the organization. Serdar will choose between his patriotism and his love for Ceren (Ezgi Eyüboğlu). Other members of the team realize that they will start on an invariable path.

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