Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 94 in Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 94 in Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 94 in Urdu Subtitles Is it yours so that he knows it’s over and started sman How is this you who live beyond your limits I dream son I will die I will die alemşah think well it will always be out kill them all Come on, Osman, the leg won’t come out right here o these ropes now if you follow me then this is my friends have helped too you will set a trap I will set a trap to return Osman Ağa Mansion to the truth Your idea comes to mind, it’s a bank, you set us up. We’ll take it to one of us anyway. Thank you Turgut, did you become of Yes, the penalty is clear, do it yourself, I wo n’t talk to you. You betray the state, Asiye Ottoman became one, you are even worse than this,

you are worthy , you couldn’t stand it, you give more than fear,

their places are tied or they can’t be like you, you know the traitor on my mind you bring play I know what to say to you o oo this what do I not only me but let me give it, I can’t take it, let this music come here tomorrow. It’s my crush, don’t throw it, you separated it from my Orhan it’s like what you said on my mind You have done everything , but this Avea was in it all, it was my brother I know how you enjoy the poison. I know your intentions, my son, but . don’t separate this one last trailers it’s just in vain I ‘ll take your breath away Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 94 in Urdu Subtitles

Don’t be kicked out, let me tell you what does it mean to live here,

my God, It’s not enough to be up to now e If you want to get the moment, I’ve always had your eyes on you, Ali Baba’s most beautiful tents were mad at you, the fastest horses were given to you r There is no but I guess it will all change I’ve been in your shadow all this time and you’ll see who is the Bey girl Honey this is my cypress but after Osman’s latest news Ece is a dangerous move let’s face disaster and I will take my last breath Ben Let him show the plain of Osman, to whom is close, But the real important thing is who is Iraq, it is necessary to know that Ece Municipality will break the Union one like Inkaya from its region. Such a dirty thing.


Episode 93

It happens that he does not consider myself worthy of himself ,

even his anger does not know. That’s why in a way from me M It will be enough, I’m telling him, don’t let personal anger turn blue , and for our hands, go ahead and inform me with that eye don’t worry, I’m old, mahocan was always on the tip of the dagger God God before I feel the pain I experienced for him There is no death. My eyes are on the way camera Mark then come safely and this Selvi Sister Shumum mahu Sister, you are welcome, I found it nice, my sister, they are not worthy of you, but , God bless you, you took the trouble My sister, let’s be healthy and what wind threw you to the horoscopes I want you to know first,

my sister , the officer is on the way, they will be here in gundogan,

and then he can’t throw it, we will come together in beyoba umurbeye will be taken in a Heli way however, it will not be missing from the table, including the bird, these heads are cooked, the syrups are poured, the mattresses are ready, everything is done as you ordered, I am aware that he isuncle, this is the uncle who does not fail in service, These pearls must have arrived Samet is near, Mr. He is not the last, he has come auspicious This date is the blessed one. We mention Samet’s name. It is known to him that there is no more Longing here.

to us hureym this is Thanksgiving,

Uğur Bey Our eyes are on the road If Safa writes fabul park, . You will pay your father for what you have done Osman, but I am Şile? I thought MS You are going to pay for what you did one by one Yes, look here, this organ will go around your VG Hatun neck, first your reputation, then I will kill you this Konya will ask you for the account of what you did to the vizier Osman will ask you, they will welcome the diaper I Do you miss 15 horoscopes Uncle Longing for the atmosphere of inventions I’m stuck like this , even though it’s so new, how do I yearn for this holy land,

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