Barbarossa Episode 31 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 31 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 31 With Urdu Subtitles Last drop of blood until the war will lie in the rebellion , we will provide an ancestor in the bastions that will take off in his heart from the Turkmen tribes, this is forgiveness, where did Osman Bey take us during the day to save us from this paper clip , you still talk about the stone , we will also provide a bear, what does anyone who doesn’t want to do change their way, I exist, is it a condition to burn? Osmanbey

Let’s not live in wealth UV Wow,

everyone wants to lose this front, also let Elif eat subtitles to it, to what, you will take this chick as much as this child, you will go away UV Wow, I have a place in my heart, this is not Courage, This is Akça Love He is not with us What do you say Okay this Turk is under oppression He is one of us whose heart does not get worms Beirut What do we add to those who have this word thank you But you allied with nikolai Here is Erkan’s account,

which Nikola poured after k only will be asked I’m ip Nicola

He knows that you don’t wait for what is written behind us with a dagger, you keep what you see, if the emperor andronikos Nikola gives me in the knees He is blind against us, his teeth are tied this ] There is no turning back, the state has come to power, or the raven has come to an end, is it true that Osman Bey has come, is the auger next to the day, is this right now, God forbid, do not do anything today, this is where the word ends,

my daughter and appreciate Osmanbey download

This is a sequel image, while you own the rate, we will go to the Raven front tomorrow Osman I will take his place ] He was seen around Osmanbey What happened I collected Osman Osman Osman, let’s catch cotton is a joke? Be Osman But we disturbed your foot but I’ll always you off Oh mashallah, what kind of kicks are these, the time is close to those close, your excitement will increase as you receive packages from Osman son, you would say that clothes will he be a man.


Episode 30

So I say ya Oğuz mother I couldn’t believe

Barbarossa Episode 31 With Urdu Subtitleswhat news area you are welcome Sefa get You’re gone, my love . mu It’s a late age, but in the daytime, the blind eyes of the brain were slightly opened. , I saw the treachery of this vizier. Thank God, finally, to say meatballs to the truth. After all he’s done, we will advise him, my baby, Oba is in a pen that they gave us . will find this AOL. it separated me from my son. It’s not the time of Keramet. Good luck about to I promised him how much I promised him, he asked about the mushroom, I said they should be perfect He asked this and I asked about you too .

I told him I didn’t know but he was after you,

he should be suspicious. It’s covered in mud , can we eat it from the same bowl? Yes, money Dam , whatever you say, you are right from one place to the other, I have a brother, but I am not as strong as them and I am not fooled by what they say, Saliha Let’s hurry, this is no different from its owner bro Yes Greetings Here you talk about cheating, you will not stay, brother, you will not swallow the honey put in your mouth.this is the penalty for falling in the middle, be a r what is known and why No dear, it is halal for you bro this is how you wake me up this is Ertuğrul Gazioğlu this is straight and it came out of you like this I’ll start bro, but God my brothers and sisters after us and

Barbarossa Episode 31 With Urdu Subtitles

I will not break the mood when you shout, what would you do , as long as you reach this body, I will forget what you fell into, why will I destroy it myself brother If you forget, you will not come to buy la la bro Is this Baran, you call this table gold? Let them get it ready Uncle , I’m going home or this Selamunaleyküm And aleykümselam or I’ve been waiting for you Güngör Bey Karamanoğlu rebelled, things are getting mixed up Watch the Emperor andronikos commanders

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