Halka Episode 4 in Urdu Subtitles

Halka Episode 4 in Urdu Subtitles

Halka Episode 4 in Urdu Subtitles, I’d like to work with people who have a spine have a bone to pick. You are like that. If you think about the future you’d know that it would be good for you to work with us. You’ll get out of prison take revenge and work with the government. It’s a new life. He killed my father. Why would he hire his son? Think about the opposite. Who wants to work for a guy who killed his dad? Why would he?

We all want İlhan Tepeli!

He would just kill him. Right. I know myself. What if I kill him? What happens then? You’ll get back here. You know it here. Did you know? He was innocent. Right? Tell us more. It’s exciting. Kaan Karabulut you understand what I am offering to you right? What will happen to the person who sent the DVD? Halka Episode 4 in Urdu Subtitles, Nothing. We are on the same side. And we won’t know until he wants us to know. Besides, he will help you until you bring Tepeli down. What if he exposes himself? We will think about it then. We will be close to you. Bahar and I will help you. Who is this?

You’ll earn Cihangir’s trust too!

He wasn’t in the footage. It’s Cihangir. Tepeli’s son. He has a son. Why would he want me? You’ll earn his trust too. Did you think it will be easy? Speak. Cihangir I’m here looking at Hakan’s house. OK. I am on my way. Is it crowded? No. Not a sound. Everyone’s asleep. I wish we had sold him to the Qataris. We wouldn’t have to deal with him. Welcome. He brought the girl after the match. According to the security it’s been an hour or so. What about the CCTV? They have cameras. They delete the disks once a month. How is going Çorumlu? Good Adem. We talked a bit. He is kinda from my hometown. He was here when they came.

Did anyone see you leave the club?

Which block? B. Floor 15. This way. Sorry. I will get the CCTV footage on the way out. As I told you the guy is my homeboy. Cihangir it’s a disaster. I’m in hell. It’s all bad. It’s like a movie. Episode 3, This is crazy. OK. Calm down. Where is the body? Don’t say “the body.” I can’t believe it. Get up. Are there any other cameras? What? Yes. This is a smart building. I’ll show you smart. Get in. Come on. Adem? Yes sir. Gather her belongings. Right away. Listen to me. Did anyone see you leave the club? Yes. The media was there. They took photos.


Hakan she is dead!

Did she send them to anyone? Yes. To me. Of course as a memory. How long do you know him? We’ve just met. We’re not in a relationship. I didn’t even hold her hand. Cihangir helps me. I swear I didn’t do anything. How did she die? I went to the bathroom. She was lying there when I came back. And? Halka Episode 4 in Urdu Subtitles,  She was dead. No! How did she die? I don’t know. There are no bruises. We didn’t fight. I have a transfer lined up. She texted me via WhatsApp. And I texted him back. “This goal is for you.” Hakan she is dead. What are you talking about? She was dead when I came back. She’s not dead. Wake her up.

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