Halka Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles

Halka Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles

Halka Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles, Alright, why did they want us to know all these? They want us to investigate Tepeli. They know that we are after him. Who knows Bahar? Who knows we are after the Circle? This is an undercover assignment. There are just seven people. It doesn’t matter if we take İlhan Tepeli in or not. I’m not just after him. I’m after who is above him I’m after the Circle. I can’t let İlham Tepeli get away with just solicitation. What do we do now? I will talk to you? My boss is inside. What’s in it for me? What? I want turnip juice. Hot. Turnip? I drank it only once.

This is the Faculty of Little Chaos!

I am not really fond of it. But I wanted it on the way here. I thought “If I have a visitor they might as well get me a turnip juice. And a dürüm with it. Bon appetite. Do you want a bite? No. There is no need. If one eats and the other watches him it creates chaos. That’s why we have these walls. Halka Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles, This is the Faculty of Little Chaos. Our lesson is to pace back and forth and this is our revolt. You get me. Yes. How long do you have here? Ask me what you don’t know. Or let me ask you. It will be faster.


He’s the killer of my father!

What do you want from me? To work with us. We know about the DVD. Did you send it? No. They want to use you as a pawn. So like you. You’ve just offered me a job. But I am a cop. We don’t know who they are. I’ve just given you food and I can give it again. I can get you out. I can ensure the killer of your father gets what he deserves. OK. Let’s talk frankly. What do I have to do? We want you to be one of his men. Episode 2, Be close to him. He’s the killer of my father. It matters to me. Why is he important to you? Look at the one in the middle. He is İlhan Tepeli. He takes care of the money for the organization.

Tepeli is someone else’s pawn!

On the surface, he is a contractor and an exporter. But his main job is to collect and distribute money. From who he takes the money is not a concern for us. We want to know where he transfers it. You know I just said “pawn.” Tepeli is someone else’s pawn. I want the people behind that pawn. Halka Episode 3 in Urdu Subtitles, Why me? She looks like a professional. She can’t do it? I am a vile criminal after all. I am not clean. Thank you. Do you take sugar? No. This is our duty. But it is a matter of life and death for you.

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