Destan Episode 4 in Urdu

Destan Episode 4 in Urdu

Destan Episode 4 in Urdu, Get up! Raynar is waiting for you downstairs quickly. Ulrich is not in his room. His phone was also there. What do you mean? Look outside, is his car here? What is happening? What is this blood, Marcus? I have no idea. Whose blood is that? I’m asking you about it too. His car is in front of the door. Where’s Ulrich? Where is Ulrich? He went to his room last. So I went to bed in my own room. I did not see anything. I leaked here. Look everywhere and find me, Ulrich. Quickly. Whoever is hiding what will be revealed soon. Tell me if you want before I find out who did it. Raynar, I’m so tired of this criminal treatment, I’m leaving.

There are traitors everywhere!

Wait, stop! Nobody goes anywhere before the facts come out. We found Ulrich in this guy’s room. The knife was also with him. It has nothing to do with me. Who are you? Raynar nonsense has nothing to do with me. Are you an agent? I told you that I came from Austria. Cut it! You killed Ulrich, and I’ll kill you. Stop Traitor. He pretended to be one of us and leaked information. Everyone, be careful. If you make the slightest mistake, your end will be like this. Sorry, we did it wrong. Not important. At first, I knew you were the tough guy, but. No, you did the right thing. You are right to be suspicious. Destan Episode 4 in Urdu, There are traitors everywhere. Now go rest.

They crossed the country as refugees!

I have a lot of work with you tomorrow. Big action. Yes. I will need you very much. I will tell you everything. Now go rest. You clean everywhere as well. This will be clean in the morning. What condition are we in Uzay? We determined the addresses from the phone number sent by Serdar. They’re somewhere near Berlin. Their addresses are here. What about the pictures in these passports? Have IDs been identified? Yes, President. About six months ago, they crossed the country as refugees through the Yayladağı border crossing. Then? Then they stayed in the Bohşin refugee camp for four years. Both are Syrian nationals.

What we need to do and track down these men!

Their names are Screen Yasir, Ebu Musaf Heysef. There is no record of their debut. We think they left the country illegally. According to the intelligence I have received, the probability of being a member of a radical terrorist organization is very high. Possibilities are useless Uzay. What we need to do and track down these men. We don’t have much time. We are working, President. Gürcan also works, my President is constantly. Are you sure? It didn’t seem like it was working very well. I am very happy to join us, my President. There is no system the man cannot break. So what is he doing now, for example?

The man is such a magician!

It examines databases in Germany by name and passport photos. Watch Destan Episode 3 here, Border gates, refugee camps, hotels, even forensic reports. The man is such a magician. Yes, it is a wizard. So keep your eyes on it. Don’t be fooled by the fact that he is my son. It is a little different. Gürcan is a little different. It always has been. Okay, you can go out. Maybe Mayor. What happened? How so are they? Destan Episode 4 in Urdu, Yes.

Give this information to the president!

I found that they were entering the hotel with a fake passport. In Berlin Lichtenberg. The hotel is in Berlin City. You are wonderful, Gürcan. Wait, there is more. The two of them stay in the same room. The number 402. You are a complete magician. You even learned the room number. OK, don’t exaggerate, you too. There are fifteen-year-old children I know who can log into the three-star hotel system with their smartphones. Come on, we’re leaving. Where? To your father. So to give information to the president. You give. Are you sure? I am sure. Who found this? Gürcan found it, President. Beautiful.

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