Destan Episode 3 in Urdu

Destan Episode 3 in Urdu

Destan Episode 3 in Urdu, When you make the deal with us, you’ll be against Osman Bey. When was Osman Bey with me so I’d not be against him? From now on, you’re responsible for our caravans’ safety. They’ll use your lands and be under your responsibility. And we’ll be generous more than you expected because we’re in a hard situation. Our deal’s end depends on your generosity, Kosses. From every caravan that comes safe and sounds whatever we earn, half of it is yours. Reasonable offer. I wouldn’t accept the less anyway. I take this as a yes.

Catalans and Lord Aya Nikola set an ambush!

We’ll become stronger together. I’m glad we made the deal. I’m a good man if you work with me, Kosses. Just don’t stay against me. Then good luck to everyone. I hope so. Nikola. Welcome, Osman Bey. I knew about your arrival. Thank you. Thank you but we thought we’d meet with Governor Manuel. The Emperor freed him. My name is Saguaros. New Governor of Nikea. But what is your situation like this? Destan Episode 3 in Urdu, They tried to put a stone on our way. But we showed them that the mountain doesn’t kneel for a rock. Catalans and Lord Aya Nikola set an ambush.

I saw the treasure of the city was empty when I checked it!

Even though they knew you were coming to Nikea? How could they? Lords’ hostility isn’t a secret. But securing the roads is your business. However, they made a mistake by fighting against us. We killed all the Catalans. Your road is safe now. I think you didn’t come here to clean the roads of Nikea. Destan Episode 3 in Urdu, Since Manuel and the Lords, broke the deal to your lands I didn’t let any caravan enter. I saw the treasure of the city was empty when I checked it. He used everything to protect his people from starvation.

We say war is a festival for Turks!

You must see clearly not against me but you need to be with me. Don’t do the mistakes of Manuel? Go on, Osman Bey. A man who just gets a rank should please his people first. Otherwise, his reign won’t belong. Are you threatening me? I’m telling the truth. Your seat depends on the trade you’ll make with me. Otherwise, I won’t stop raiding your caravans. War is a festival for Turks. In my castle full of soldiers talking so bravely like that and when you’re with your wife. We say war is a festival for Turks. Not for a normal soldier. Hatun doesn’t have any difference from an Alp. We’re not afraid. You’re right with what you said. So what’s your offer? Whatever you earn from your trade with the Lords I’ll give the double.

We’re with Osman Bey until our horses get tired!

We came from a rough way. All of our gifts were wasted. Watch Episode 2 Here, That’s why I want to gift this as the sign of the deal. Kayi tribe will make all of the Iznik’s needs. I’ll protect the caravans personally. Wherever Turks are there is no way other than making a deal. Know that. Bring the clerk. We’ll make a deal with Osman Bey. Look at that, Gencebey. You went to the homeland you saw your family. And then came here to fight from Karabakh. Don’t you know the meaning of getting tired? Eyvallah Cerkutay. Now I see my brothers. I missed fighting with my Bey. We’re with Osman Bey until our horses get tired. Eyvallah. Osman. I said it’s over now. I said it’s over this time.

Then he came and fought against me!

Then, again. He escaped. How could he escape?! Tell me, Nikola! From that ambush how could he survive around all those soldiers? Tell me! I wounded him heavily, Kosses. Yeah. I said I wouldn’t come back before seeing him dead. And I didn’t return. I went after him for a day. Then he came and fought against me. That man doesn’t die. Doesn’t die! Doesn’t. He doesn’t die! Nikola! We thought that possibility. When he returns, his loved ones and his family’s funeral will be waiting for him. I took an oath. I said I’ll give him the same pain. He’ll get the same pain.

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