Destan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles This is such an enemy that it has no shadow! It is obviously hidden in the dark. But I will find it. I will find it. Tell us, Mr. Osman, how will you do this? I have a prisoner from those who attacked Han. I will get him to talk and learn the truth. Sir, is there any help? – Come on! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Mr. Osman. The bastard tried to run away, he took my life. I had to kill. What do you say! How can you do that without asking me! Mister! My lord meant our degenerate souls. Barkin was also injured. We plundered the whole Söğüt, but we couldn’t find anyone. I will surely bury these devils alive who put fire in my heart! Destan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

What about Day? We can say that he is already dead now.

So, what will all this do for us? Both Kosses and Turgut will gradually move away from Osman. Someone badly wants to leave Osman alone. But who? Who is this secret alliance? Sir, I was told to pass this on to you. You… Of course you… Who else could have made such a big move but you! Ya Shafi. My father! Come on, open your eyes. Either Shafi or Shafi. Healing is from my Lord, Bala, healing is from my Lord! Hold on, my sheikh, hold on! Hang on! There is no hope of my Lord, Bala Hatun, we will pray. God bless you. Father. O Lord, heal my sheikh from time to time, O Lord. Father! It burns so hot! Auburn Abdal, eat something very hot! I hope he will get it. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.! my sheikh. Akca Dervish. Service in the lodge should continue.

God bless Ibrahim Faki. You can also tell me what the lodge is lacking.

It is a blessing to me to serve the household where Allah is remembered and where Allah’s friends are. We’re skinny, of course. God bless you. There is no need for destura for every such service. There is no one. They’ve obviously lost track of us. We have become Pusat to our own oba. What are we going to do on this Day? We will get rid of the slanders thrown at us, Ayşe. This too will pass. It’s not our fault, it will come out of course. Of course. To whom did I give Mari? I have delivered Mari to you for the salvation of my tribe. You’re the one who went and delivered to Nikola! Shut up, Mr Gunduz! Don’t try to cover up my mistakes! You will die today! Only I decide, Kosses!


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Sit with your decency. When it’s your turn to speak, then you speak.

Saltuk! – Sir! Lets. You snatched Gündüz from Osman with a single slander, genius. Kosses Turgut will break up anyway. What do you have left? We took what was in your hands and ripped out what was inside. But outside support is coming, Nikola. I heard that Umur died. Yes, Osman buried Umur with his own hands. But Ivaz I will kill him on the way. Osman will take action for this. It won’t make the same mistake again. While you kill him, I will take Kosses, who broke away from Osman, with me. No no! No, Osman might be up to something. We’ll be cautious, and you won’t make contact until you’re sure Kosses and Turgut have broken up with him.

Destan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

You were dismissed from your office, you were insulted. Did he turn towards Turgut Bey, who sat on the authority of hatred and greed in him? We did not nail these authorities with nails, Osman Bey. That’s what we paid for our mistake. I have neither hatred nor greed in me. Especially for a chick. And a chick with a baby in her belly. Don’t you dare mention my brother’s name! Regardless of the verdict, I will kill you Day! Kosses! Leave. Leave! The deceased is your sister! But he died in my tribe. The accused is my brother. Both the decision and the verdict are mine! You either sit down or go away! For now, I remain silent, Osman Bey… If your judgment is not just, then I will bring justice with my sword. Destan Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles

Mr. Gunduz. The fact that you once surrendered Mari sets a precedent.

Your anger at Turgut Bey and Kosses is the reason. The fact that these poisons come out of your tent constitutes evidence. If you run away from oba, it ‘s because you admit the crime. Mister day! If you say slander, you will speak. Do not succumb to slander! Let’s talk. It’s late girl, sit down late. Did you do what I said? – I did, Selcan mother. Oh, I hope our sheikh will be healed. Go get a pot and I’ll get the herbs ready. – OK. Is it for Sheikh Edebali, mother Selcan? Hey girl, I boiled bone broth. If I add herbs to it, I hope our sheikh will recover and stand up soon.

I’ll add it Zehra, you take care of mother Selcan. Let’s add a little more to it. Masallah. – Is it enough? Let me see if it’s all right? Oh, bring it girl. Bring it on tight. Raise it before it gets cold, come on! I’ll go too, maybe they need help. Go girl, come on. Osman Bey, I’m back from my mistake. A Muslim cannot be bitten twice through the same snake hole. As for this matter, I have neither a fault nor an iota of involvement. 

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