Destan Episode 2 in Urdu

Destan Episode 2 in Urdu

Destan Episode 2 in Urdu, My Bey, we’ve brought the gifts and are waiting for your orders. Get on the horses! Come on. Let’s go! Nikola is after Osman. Your men will sneak into the Kayi tribe. A good day. Well, Rogatus. You didn’t mention how you will sneak into Kayi Tribe. Lord Rogatus. Lord Kosses. Julia. Here is the person who is going to, take the death to Osman’s tribe. Magnificus! Very impressing. But how will this beautiful angel achieve all this on her own, Rogatus? Who says I’m on my own, Lord Kosses? We are an army. They call us Angels of Death. Angels of Death. Nice. But how will these angels of Death sneak into Kayi Tribe? He’s a Turkmen tradesman. He’s going to take oil to Osman’s tribe.

The heathens must have heard that we’re going to Iznik!

Oh, I see now. And in the meantime, our beautiful angel will take the entrustment. By killing every Turk on her way. Well, what about him? It’s fine. A simple poison. He’ll die if he’s not healed for a while. Very nice. Very nice. I want you to use that when you take death to Osman’s tribe. As you wish. Goktug. Yes, my Bey. Did the horses get shoed? Yes, my Bey. We’ll use the road of Kizilhisar. The heathens must have heard that we’re going to Iznik. Heathens make games and our Bey ruins their games. Come on! We have no time to waste. Let’s go! They are riding their beloved horses to their deaths. We’ll destroy not only Osman but also all of them, Anselmo.

Give him some water, brother!

This soil will be painted with Turkish blood today. Don’t doubt that. Come, Osman Bey. Come. Go and check. Yes, my Bey. Give him some water, brother. Osman! Malhun. Bala? May it be good, InshaAllah my daughter. Are you alright? I am. But I have a bad feeling. May Allah let it be good. Osman! He is not hungry. Why doesn’t he sleep? My Bey! My Bey! The Alps! Osman! Malhun! Attack! Catalans! Allah is the greatest! My Allah, protect my children. Sleep, my little son. Sleep my little son Sleep, my little son. Destan Episode 2 in Urdu, Before the birds come back home his father will come now. You dastard! Come to me, come! Finally! Die!

My wound is okay but I’m not, Boran!

They hunt the jackal at the forest who set up a trap on the road. To the forest! Osman! Don’t let him escape! Osman! Are you okay! Malhun! I’m okay. Osman! Don’t let them escape! Follow them! Malhun. Come on. Come on, Malhun! You’re good, right? My wound is okay but I’m not, Boran. It’s a sin for me to be good before killing these traitors. Okay, brother okay. We’ll find our Bey first. Let’s go then. Come on. Bey? Cerkutay. Cerkutay! Stop! Stop! Let me wrap your wound. The big wound is somewhere that you can’t wrap. Bey! You’ll die from losing blood. Cerkutay doesn’t die. And he doesn’t die at all without finding his Bey.

Could Catalan dogs do anything to my Bey?

Crazy man. Bey! Cerkutay. Any trace? No. I guess you don’t have to. I won’t leave without finding my Bey even if this forest becomes my grave. If they did something to my Bey, I’d go after them until I drop those. Don’t talk rude, Cerkutay. Could Catalan dogs do anything to my Bey? Stop talking. Malhun Hatun is with him. Inshallah, we’ll find them alive. Forest is big. Come on! Aygul! Stop! We’ll search together. Traitors are everywhere. Right. We won’t stop until we find We’ll search until the sunrise. Brothers! Open your eyes for our Bey and for the enemy. Come on. Come on. Where are you going? A lot of blood will be shed today. A lot.

How could that man do this when he was injured?

If anyone will die, that will be you. I’ve been waiting for this moment for days, Osman! Come at me, Anselmo. My Malhun. My Malhun. Whenever I drew my sword you stood in front of me. You killed my Alps. You tried to kill my unborn kid and Hatuns. Now, it’s time. Let’s go. Argos! Keep searching with the soldiers behind! Don’t come without Osman, Argos! Don’t! I will see Osman dead today, Yes sir! You two, come with me! Let’s go! How could that man do this when he was injured? How? He doesn’t die! Why doesn’t he die? Why? He doesn’t die! This man doesn’t die! He doesn’t die! Search everywhere! Everywhere. Why he doesn’t die?!

He’s powerful enough to take Osman’s place and has ambition!

This man doesn’t die! Osman, hang on! We have to go. Come on. I’m holding you. Come on. Destan Episode 2 in Urdu, A place, a cave. We have to find a cave. Osman. Osman. Destroying Osman and his tribe at the same time. That will be the Turks’ end. Osman will die. He’ll die but after Osman’s death. I don’t want to deal with the Turks. That’s where your duty begins, Mari. Turgut. Yeah, Turgut. It’s a must to take him on our side. How will you do that? Everyone loves power, brother. I’ll promise him the power. He’s powerful enough to take Osman’s place and has ambition. I’m sure he’ll take the deal. Then you’ll go to Turgut as the first thing to do tomorrow. I trust you, Mari.

May Allah give Osman power!

Don’t worry. Turgut is already in my hands. Good. Osman Hang on. Slow, Osman. I’m good. Set a fire. Sit, Osman. Sit. Fire! Osman Set a fire. Fire. Come on! Osman! I’m here! It can’t hurt me more. Come on. Osman Hang on, Osman. Ya Shafi! Ya Shafi! Hang on, Osman. Okay. Okay. It’s over. Hold on to me. Hold me. Hang on, Osman. Wait. Osman Ya Shafi. May Allah give Osman power. Help Osman. The unbeliever set up many traps for Allah’s prophet. Our Prophet took precautions first then believed Allah. At the battle of trenches, those trenches were for precautions.

Because the great Allah said in His verse ” And Allah is the best of planners.”!

When the unbelievers tried to take his blessed life going to Medina from the long way instead of the short way and taking shelter in Sevr cave with Hazrat Abu Bekr were for also precaution. But after all those precautions the most savage hunters of unbelievers came to the entrance of the cave they were in. Not even the smallest fear was inside our Prophet’s heart. Because the great Allah said in His verse ” And Allah is the best of planners.” We believe that Allah is the best of planners. And He is always with His servants. There is no end to oppressors and oppression in this world. When the believers take precautions and believe their Rab every trap of the oppressors will be ruined. Malhun. Osman, You’re good, thanks to Allah. I’m good.

I’ve been waiting for this moment since Turks killed my family, Rogatus!

What’s that? You have a wound. Not important, Osman. Malhun. We have to cauterize it. I’ll do it. You rest. We have to cauterize it. Come on. Okay. Don’t make yourself tired. With the name of Allah. My brave Hatun. Come. Osman. While you’re with me, no hardship can destroy me. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Always support me. I’ll never stop, Osman. Never. Of course, the end of darkness is light. Light for sure. Yeah. Yeah. We’ll leave here with my Allah’s help We’ll find our Alps. The heretics who try to make us return, we’ll send them. We’ll kill them. Inshallah, Osman. Inshallah. I’ve been waiting for this moment since Turks killed my family, Rogatus. I didn’t spend a day without thinking about killing them. That’s why I raised the death angels. They all were born to kill. I know, Julia. You’re an amazing warrior. And your soldiers too. But your revenge is your biggest weapon. My family died to prevent Turks from entering these lands. I’ll finish their unfinished work. I’ll erase them from these lands.

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