Destan Episode 15 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 15 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 15 in Urdu Subtitles, Maybe Ghaznavids. Ghaznavids? Where do you get this from? This arrow is carved from a single tree. And even that tree grows only in the lands of Ghazni. Why would Ghaznavids want to mess up? I’m curious about that too, my Sultan. I would like your support to pursue this business. First of all, I will go to the camp and talk to my sister Begin Şehver. Dead or alive. Order belongs to our Sultan. How is our great emperor? Our Emperor is dealing with the attacks of the Uz and Pecheneg Turks in the West.

A complete massacre was done on the Turkmens!

Until we get rid of them, he is extremely sensitive about not causing trouble for the Turkmen in the East. That’s exactly what we’re working on, General. You can rest assured that we are doing our best to protect the safety of life and property of our people. Judging by the sights we saw on the way, unfortunately, what you did seems to yield the opposite result Mr Tekfur. What did you mean? We saw Turkmen tribes destroyed and burned on the border of Ani. A complete massacre was done on the Turkmens. Rest assured, if they hadn’t been slaughtered the scene you’d see on the roads would have been minced Byzantines.

Don’t worry about our Emperor!

Or do you pity the Turks, General? I don’t feel sorry for the Turks as much as a fly I killed, Prince Yannis. But I have enough experience to know that the Seljuks will not be on the tail. The Emperor agrees with me on this matter, no doubt. Don’t worry about our Emperor, General, everything is under my uncle’s control. Things go a little differently here than in Constantinople. I know the area very well. So are the irregular Turks. I know very well what they can do when their veins are pressed. I hope you have taken the necessary measures to deal with them, Mr Tekfur. Of course, I am aware of every step the Turks take every breath they take.


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So you want us to rescue the owner!

I do not hesitate to intervene when necessary. Bey, do you think Şehver Sultan will know anything useful for us to find the ambush? Let’s go to a camp and talk, then we’ll know if he knows or not. Lets. Come on. Have you seen my Blackbeard we finally caught the mare? Anyone out there, help! Did you hear the sound too? Save me! Who is there? Please help. Save me, help me. Destan Episode 15 in Urdu Subtitles, So you want us to rescue the owner from the well. Good for you. What are you doing here? Byzantium is after me. Save me before they come, sir. Hang on, I’ll save you. I have full confidence in you, Karabey, do not embarrass me.

Who are you from?

Come on, lion. Don’t worry, we’ll get out of here now. Do you have any strength to hold on to? Good. Grasp my waist tightly. Whatever happens, don’t quit. Who are you from? What does the Byzantine infidel want from you? I escaped from Vaspurakan, Sir. Don’t worry anymore, it’s very little. Come on Karabey, make an effort. Don’t be afraid, we’ll get out of here. Come on, my Karabey, come on, my lion. Hold on, sir, we’ve had enough, act brave guys! Come on! Come on, my Karabey, come on my lion. Hold on, braves! Come on lion, come on. Don’t be afraid chick passed away. Sir. Inner girl allays your fear. What’s your name babe? 

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