Destan Episode 12 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 12 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 12 in Urdu Subtitles, Protect the captain. Leave me bloodless. I’m Romanian Diogenes, listen to me carefully. Goktug is in my hand. I will go from here with my soldiers. You will not follow me either. If you come, I will slit this dog’s throat. Do you think you can get out of here alive, bastard? If I don’t get out, this dog dies. Prepare the Nestor horses. You’re welcome, Captain. Don’t forget today. After today I will be your nightmare. If it’s not in this hole, we’ll find it in another. He thinks it’s a secret for now, but soon we will reveal the cursed and take his head. Just as I anticipated. When Kekavmenos could not afford it, he threw us in front of Alparslan.

Maria got intelligence about Alparslan!

My father, I need to be involved in a private matter. You go back to headquarters. Sir. My way is not far, Avar, I will follow you. Nestor protects us. You’re welcome, Captain. Walk. Good lord. If we Turkish children living in captivity, it would be better for us to die, Mr Batur. You caused the life of a Turkmen brain if it is heard, the gentlemen will take their breath in the Seljuk Palace. Sir, are you going somewhere? Maria got intelligence about Alparslan. She wants to see you, she. I can come too if you want. No need, you stay here. Get up. Nestor. What’s going on with Diogenes, what does it mean? This lying dog called Göktuğ set a trap for us.

the Seljuk flag flutters instead of the Kınık flag!

We lost many of our soldiers. I told you the Turks cannot be trusted. You are responsible for all this. A fool who thinks he’s smart. Take your hand. I didn’t bring this dog to kill you, Evdokya. I said take your hand. Enough, this is not the time to fall for each other. Take Nestor and throw that snake into the dungeon. What kind of job is this? At the headquarters, the Seljuk flag flutters instead of the Kınık flag. Did our Sultan show his support to Alparslan Bey, my Bey? We’ll understand now. Lets. O my majestic God, the owner of the setting sun. Whatever the truth is, it will come to light. Get me out of this well of doubt. God bless. Come on alps, be cautious.


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The unbeliever raided the headquarters, Hasan Bey!

What is this like? We’ll understand now. I’m brave, look here. What happened here? The infidel has raided, sir. Good. You wait here, it won’t take long. What will we do now, Mr Yinal? Yigal Bey, when will this matter be? Many of our soldiers died in the square. The unbeliever raided the headquarters, Hasan Bey. So I did what was necessary and defeated them with my hands. Destan Episode 12 in Urdu Subtitles, I saved the headquarters from falling into the hands of infidels. In order to raid the infidel, Alparslan Bey’s my Bey obviously waited for him to leave the headquarters. Yigal Bey, we know the sharpness of your sword. But what’s wrong with being built on the skin of our Bey Alparslan?

I saved your master from a great evil!

Headquarters is our lord’s right to sword. At that time, when the press was given, he acted as our brain would stand at the head of the headquarters. I saved your master from a great evil by not letting the headquarters be caught in the heat. Mr Yinal The result is that the headquarters, apart from this, belongs to Alparslan it will be Seljuk land, not under its domination. Destan Episode 12 in Urdu Subtitles, And even as the governor of Mosul, he is under my authority. Who will come next to you, Akça Hatun? Kekavmenos Are you okay girl? Don’t worry, I’m fine dad. father?

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