Destan Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles, May you always carry the banner of the glorious prophet whose name you bear. Take this sapling. This is not where it will take root and its branches will reach the sky, son. Take it, open the locked doors. Recognizes tree soil. Ana! Alparslan. Mother. What happened? What is this the light of my eye? You sweat. You’re soaked. I had a dream, mother. Tell me, son, what did you see in your dream? That’s what I saw. I was at Badr, in the war. Then a Companion appeared before me. He gave me a sapling and said the tree knows its soil. He told me to open locked doors. I woke up running to the door too.

You will conquer the lands behind you!

Let’s be clear, son. What a great fall this is. A blessed victory has been promised to you. Come. And when you grow up like this sapling. You will become valiant like your name. You will unlock the doors that you could not reach in your dreams you will conquer the lands behind you and make your homeland to the Oghuz lineage. Son. Run, run! Mother. Come on son. Akınay kids, gather the kids. Temurleng! Mother! Seljuks are coming, escape. They are very crowded. It will be your turn, too. Mother! Alparslan Mother! Destan Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles Don’t leave me, mother. Mother! don’t leave me, mother. Do not leave me.

I left a mark on your face that will guide me to my revenge!

Don’t leave me, mom. Don’t worry son. We had to prune, we pruned. Like any tree. Now it’s time to come out even louder. The road is long but life is short. But if Allah wills he can fit the work of a thousand years of life into a single moment. If you live for your nation you go beyond the legends, you become the truth. Son, your arrow is always strong, and your heart is soft. I left a mark on your face that will guide me to my revenge. It will be your turn, too. Damn. Is there bad news? The Seljuks were preparing to attack our lands. Destan Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles So what are we going to do? Not us, but our ally in the East.


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Our decision is your decision!

Do something to buy us time to take precautions against the attacks of the Turks. As you can understand from my address to your precious brother Tuğrul this name is not for the Seljuk Sultan Tuğrul my own brother, Tuğrul, whom I know well. Is the name. I say that it is in the interest of the Seljuks not to announce who the heir is until the new state order we are talking about establishing is fully established. Our decision is your decision. The day has come for those who have eyes. Your Brother’s Call. Our Sultan’s calling me instead of Alparslan It is a good sign, isn’t it, Karaca, that he postponed the appointment of the crown prince?

I never doubted that for a day!

Everyone acts as if Alparslan has already been appointed crown prince the only announcement left. Who is behaving like that? Your mother, your father, the whole tribe. Even you. But there is something that I have seen since I came to this camp. What is it? One day you will sit on that throne where he sits. You are the heir. With your mind, wrist, heart you are worthy of that wood. I never doubted that for a day. Is there a Destur, Mr. Süleyman? Come. Our Calling Bey sent this name. He said it was very important that you hand it over to Sultan Tuğrul personally.

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