Alp Arslan Episode 8 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 8 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 8 in Urdu, To any woman. Because the beauty of none of them was still enough to be talked about in Constantinople it wasn’t great. It’s been a long time since I left Constantinople. I’m sure everyone has found other gossip to talk about. A great injustice was done to your father, Yohannes Makrembolitissa. However, the throne was his right. And of course, the princess is yours. One day when this painting is completed the real owner will sit on that throne in Constantinople. I believe this with all my heart. And I can already see how the picture will end Princess Evdokya.

What rudeness has Karaca done?

It’s time to leave Ani, Diogenes. What do you think you’re doing, mother? How do you hit your bride for the daughter of the hand who came to Oba only yesterday? He paid the price for his rudeness. You shouldn’t spoil your morals without understanding and listening. What rudeness has Karaca done? He slandered the orphan girl you said came to Obaya only yesterday. It was not enough, the gentleman forgot that he was in his presence and walked over. What custom, what manners does he do?

How long will you allow the authority to be trampled underfoot!

You should have told me you were going to slap me. I would pay the penalty. I am the head of the sentence oba chicks. Whatever mistake they committed, I will punish them, not you. Your duty is to teach Karaca about our customs, but I see that you couldn’t teach him all this time. General Dukas sharing Liparit’s execution order with you wouldn’t it be necessary, uncle? How long will you allow the authority to be trampled underfoot, Dad? Cut it! No one can undermine my authority. Alp Arslan Episode 8 in Urdu, I would like to talk to you about the Vaspurakan governorship, Mr Tekfur. Of course, I’m listening to you, General.

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The captain is of course a very good officer!

Governor Çortuanel’s office remained vacant. I have a name in mind who can fulfil this task properly. Captain Romanian Diogenes with his courage and military acumen. Will you decide that too, General? The captain is of course a very good officer. But like Vaspurakan it takes much more to become governor of a critical area. Someone who knows the area well is much more suitable. For example, Prince Yannis. Mr Tekfur the emperor won’t be happy to have my requests turned down. Alp Arslan Episode 8 in Urdu, Especially appreciated in Constantinople I am sure you would like to see Captain Romanian Diogenes in Vaspurakan. Of course, our emperor’s wishes are very dear to us.

You are my key that will destroy the Seljuk!

They will be pleased to have the captain take charge in Vaspurakan. Romanian Diogenes if it’s okay with you Let him be in command of Prince Yannis’ guards. Of course, Sayı Tekfur. As the commander of the Diogenes guards, he served the emperor will be honoured to do so. You can be sure that I will not disappoint your trust, dear my dear father. I am honoured, Honorable Kekavmenos. This cross is our secret communication the key that will provide. You are my key that will destroy the Seljuk. Don’t lose it. It seems to me that you are making trouble on an empty loom, Akca girl. Sometimes a person looks for a well to pour his heart out and tell his troubles. Some will find, some will not. My jewel is this workbench. Whatever secret I have, I shout into it with embroidery and knots.

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