Alp Arslan Episode 20 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 20 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 20 in Urdu, Or these demons nesting in the land of the Bust Let’s not let them do business on the Seljuk property. Now, with the action of Batur Bey, Emir We will slam Bozan’s trick in his face in front of everyone. He’ll realize he’s cornered. And its strength will make a much bigger move to protect it. If a bird flies in the lands of the Informal Bust I will know which branch it is placed on. Your order is up, my Sultan. The trade you negotiated with Romanian Diogenes what about the deal? Any progress? My Sultan, what kind of trade is this without my permission? We suspended the negotiation because you asked.

This will also confuse the trade issue!

What trade is this? It must have been a lucrative business since Roman Diogenes came twice. It is a much more reasonable steel trade than what we bought from Damascus, my Sultan. Damascus steel is best for the manufacture of Pusat. So do whatever is necessary. You are welcome, my Sultan. A sufficient amount of gold from the treasury I’m giving the order for the shipment, then. All responsibility is yours, Emir Bozan. I totally trusted you. I know Bozan’s liver. This will also confuse the trade issue. It is known to whom the income will be transferred. If you are sure enough to say that you know, doesn’t the son have to do something?

I know very well whose name I bear!

Don’t expose Bozan’s trick in trade the task falls to Batur Bey and his alps. The chief victim to the task from you, my Bey. When the spoiler gets stuck, he will make a mistake. That mistake will reveal his true face and it will also open the bust way for us. Batur Bey, when you set out with your alps It’s tough to deal with. Perhaps there is martyrdom on this path. Do you know Hussein? I know sir. Like every Oghuz soldier, I live for that day. Besides, my name is Hüseyin. I know very well whose name I bear. Whatever will come in the way of God is in my head. Ancestors say that while life is alive, a home cannot be left for oil.


Episode 19

Where did you see that you were going to kill Süleyman?

Now, your duty is to be martyred for the sake of this duty. Strive, blessed, may your path be clear, my valiant. My steed knows where he grows up. Take your wings to where you grew up. Good luck. Let Alparslan come once. I have something to ask. Well done Suleiman. Alpaugh. How? Alp Arslan Episode 20 in Urdu, I almost killed more. Why would you hide such a thing from me? Is this something to hide? Where did you see that you were going to kill Süleyman? Tell me from the beginning, what happened? Shield, shield quickly! Quickly. Take a defensive position, quick. Keep the line! Don’t let him escape! Oh, Suleyman, even my alps don’t know about this.

Karaca will never let go of Akça Hatun!

Only my father knows. For the reasons I have explained, it is better not to speak out. So, Karaca took Akınay by the hand of their mother and took her there. What if he saw? For this reason, Akça Hatun must be more cautious. Akça Hatun is getting into trouble everywhere. Alp Arslan Episode 20 in Urdu, If you mean my girl as trouble, you should know that we will fall apart. I know, I know. Karaca will never let go of Akça Hatun. When he said he couldn’t catch Alpagut anyway, he broke the hell out. Pregnant and now, I couldn’t say anything. Did you say pregnant? Is Süleyman the nephew coming now? It means my brother is going to be a father.

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