Alp Arslan Episode 2 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 2 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 2 in Urdu, He was very angry. By Allah, I don’t know if the essence is pure, mother. How many years old do you believe in the girl who just entered the party instead of the bride? You had to die for a snake much more venomous than you to die, she. your family from the brutally murdered Turks it’s time to take revenge, Maria. Revenge is not rushed. As an innocent Turkmen girl, you will infiltrate Merv Obası. Crown candidates grow to the heart of the Seljuks. Earn their trust. This cross is the key to our secret communication. You are my key that will destroy the Seljuk. Don’t lose it. Don’t worry, dad.

Their swords are adorned with honour to the Seljuk lions!

God bless and watch over you. To the one who protects. I swear by the one who made me live with this fire inside me until this age I will hurt more until I get my revenge. Lipari captured, we’re retreating! We can’t win after this time. Allahu Akbar! Their Gaza is great, their swords are adorned with honour to the Seljuk lions, each with a mountain chest They visited the Rey Palace. At your command, the Byzantine war has been dealt with. Happy victory, my Sultan. Have a blessed day. Alp Arslan Episode 2 in Urdu, I wish other than that you will only be remembered with the rumours of victory you brought, Yinal Bey. The bloodless on the head of the Keferen.

The sword does not lift the defenceless!

Prince Liparit of Georgia, who succumbed to my sword in Pasinler is a worthless slave, my Sultan. Kill me while you have the chance. Or when I get out of here I will kill you. To separate that worthless head from your body we don’t need an opportunity. Pray that In Turkish tradition, the sword does not lift the defenceless. May Prince Liparit be worthy of our glory Emir Kunduri. The order is my Sultan’s. I am braver than the lion, and the attack of the wolf. You have once again shown the inflexible wrist of the Turk to the kufr, exist. Now it’s time to rest, come on. My Sultan, my Cagri Bey is curious. If Decatur happens, I would like to give my father the good news of victory myself.

They could not know but say his name!

I hope this news of victory you will bring will heal my brother. Where is Cortana? No no! You can’t, good god, Cortuanel! Cortana! What about Liparite? He was captured by the Turks. Is there a destination? Here you go, girl. Akınay sent for mother, toyga soup. He said Mr Cagri loves it. Is our caller good? His fever rises, his breathing becomes short. What is the disease of Cagri Bey, Selcan Hatun? They could not know but say his name. It would recur every year this season, but he has never been so out of hand. I hope he finds a speedy recovery. Amine. Collect rose hips from the forest and bring them back. I’ll boil it and drink it.

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Sultan Tuğrul will not give me my right!

Maybe it will help and his fever will go down. OK, mom. Your victory cemented both your reputation and your reputation, Yinal Bey. Moreover, you lost your land with this victory you will also get your environment. I threw the dog, which they called the head of the Keferen, in front of Sultan Tuğrul. But because I rebelled before I am worried that Sultan Tuğrul will not give me my right. Don’t worry, Yinal Bey. Alp Arslan Episode 2 in Urdu, The Sultan has to surrender your rights as per the custom. As I said before, with the wind behind you in Pasinler your star will shine even brighter.

The Emperor orders us to accept all conditions against the Turks!

You have tarnished the name of the glorious empire. How can you lose a battle where you are outnumbered! Mr Tekfur, who killed Şehzade Hasan in this war your spoiled son caused it. We fought to clean up his mess. Let’s talk about what you did there, General, not the reasons for the war. It was a mistake to withdraw the army so quickly. If you used your military genius on the battlefield maybe we wouldn’t have to retreat, Prince. How dare you talk to me like that? Enough is enough! We have a bigger problem. The Emperor orders us to accept all conditions against the Turks except tax. It is also another order of Prince Liparit to be rescued.

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