Alp Arslan Episode 18 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 18 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 18 in Urdu, But now I’m sure it’s more than just cooperation. What are you sure about? My Sultan, Emir Bozan’s aide-de-camp They put Meymun in front of us. We refrain from keeping the word to our great Sultan. We also know that our sultan’s scales of justice weighed only with evidence. Then what do you think is appropriate for us to do now, Alparslan? Please forgive my Sultan. Your style of politics is Alem-i We know that it is to unite Islam under one banner. Especially that you are sensitive to getting along with the Ghaznavids.

The lives of Şehver and even the Ghaznavids are in danger.

But the husband of my sister Sultan Begin Şehver, our brother-in-law, the Sultan of Gazne Mawdud finds it difficult to rule over his state, which has weakened due to his health. Of course, our great Sultan sees and knows these more than we do. My viziers, Altuncan Hatun. You heard what Alparslan said. What do you think ahead? First of all, this rascal called Meymun is right with us if they gave, is it Byzantine who gave it? Or else Perhaps my Sultan. But they are also more likely to know about Meymuna he looks strong. But act quickly my sister Begin The lives of Şehver and even the Ghaznavids are in danger.

Yınal Tekfur does not know that he was murdered!

Now that I can see that tense expression on his face now it’s time to see me again as before. I hope you take the headquarters you are close as you promised, Diogenes. No doubt, Mr Tekfur. How’s the siege, Captain? They can last a few more days at most. Everything is under my control. Is Yigal also under your control? As far as I understand, your ambassador Yınal Tekfur does not know that he was murdered If I’m not mistaken, only one person you said you wouldn’t even die. What do you want to say? It seems that from this humiliating incident only Mr Tekfur does not know. We’re not playing games, General.


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Give me your life for the way to your homeland

Me or anyone else, it doesn’t matter. We could all die for this. Diogenes is right. Besides, instead of that Seljuk rag in the headquarters, the glorious Roman waving of the flag is much more important to me. It should be for you too. Sir, the soldier has neither the cure nor the patience to wait. If you will allow us, let’s start the preparations for the breakthrough operation. Splitting is the last resort Kutay. Alp Arslan Episode 18 in Urdu, As I said, this means giving the headquarters to redemption. He must find another solution. Give me your life for the way to your homeland, for the sake of the martyrs you need to bring a soldier who will show it without hesitation.

The headquarters is under siege!

The Command is My Master. The headquarters is under siege. A second security ring The siege was secured with Troops is piled on the borders and roads. Yigal Bey and his entourage need immediate support. Water and supplies are running out. They can’t stand it any longer. His Holiness Tekfur ordered me to summon you, sir. Alp Arslan Episode 18 in Urdu, Let’s go. “Earth on Earth, Star in the Sky” “Is there a human without a heartache” “Heartless” “Both motherless and fatherless” “At least you don’t leave orphan, oh my, oh my”

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