Alp Arslan Episode 17 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 17 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 17 in Urdu, Let them be brought before me quickly. My thesis is Emir Bozan. Now tell me this truth, let’s see. Who was that soldier you were talking to? It doesn’t matter mom, never mind. Akca you don’t know me, don’t trust me do you still keep your secret from me? Is it okay, Akınay mother? And then, who was he? He is your son Alpagut. Design my daughter. Why are you silent? What did you dive into? He is a valiant helping us in Vaspurakan. A Turkmen valiant who entered the heart of the enemy. Here to bring me news from Vaspurakan and he came to learn about Alparslan Bey’s condition. So why didn’t you ever tell me before? Because he carries out his duty from the outside. Since I was going to be in the camp, I had to reveal myself.

That headquarters will be your grave!

Be fresh. A story is known only to the Seljuks I sent an anonymous message to the oba with the method. There will be someone watching over you. But he won’t know who we really are either. But he does not want to be known, to be known. There is a contradiction. The ambassador should have already returned. I’m sure he’ll be back soon, sir. Sorry. My answer to your offer is Romanian Diogenes. If you want the headquarters very much, you will get income. That headquarters will be your grave. That headquarters will be your grave! If we don’t find the traitor among you, you will all be under suspicion.

I stayed for the dispatch of the funerals!

Yesterday, after we emerged from Karmati’s lair one of you killed the oppressed there. Is it correct? Is there a Destur, Mr. Alparslan? Sir, we left the house immediately after you left. We set out to bring Maymun, called Natik, to the palace. Did you leave your sentence? I stayed for the dispatch of the funerals, but I am neither involved nor interested in the issue. At some point, they took the nation demon to the palace I left the house to order. Whoever put it in then put the corpses inside. Now we understand the truth. Bring Sabi. Alp Arslan Episode 17 in Urdu, Let’s see, the lion piece is you under the mattress which of them were there when they were hiding?


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I wanted to act before that and cut the punishment!

do you know him Was it there? You are a traitor. Getting Melunu talking and getting more information Why did you take your breath away instead of Emir Bozan? My Sultan prefers to die rather than talk. When they are exposed, they kill themselves. I wanted to act before that and cut the punishment of the traitor with my own hands. Alp Arslan Episode 17 in Urdu, It is necessary to be cautious even in the informal palace.  Obviously, these demons became a state within a state and made the Bust their home. Couldn’t you catch a lot of soldiers?

This is not the first time you have shielded yourself!

We followed it for a long time, but I missed it. You just didn’t miss the chance. You also missed my opportunity to reveal the true face of Akça. My Karaca, my lady, calm down. You carry our baby in your womb. This much anger makes you sick. What really makes me sick is that Akça is released in the camp as if he were innocent. Your mother scolded me again for slandering Akça. Since you didn’t say anything, they Like do you believe in Akça, not me? While I was accusing Bozan, this is not the first time you have shielded yourself from him. I know, you too will see the arrows of doubt pointing at Bozan. Maimun was the aide of Bozan, who was the deputy governor of Bust.

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