Alp Arslan Episode 15 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 15 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 15 in Urdu, Let anyone think whatever they want. I would like to meet with Alparslan and hear from him about what is going on. What happened to the people in the house? Where did you take it? To a house near the ruined vineyard. Let them be taken quickly and brought her to the palace. Take care of them personally so that they arrive safely. You are welcome, my Sultan. You ordered, sir. Let’s go get the misery you took away. While I bring them to the palace, you with our bodyguards you will ambush and attack us on the way. You will kill all those wretched people with the Ghaznavid soldiers next to you.

The Qarmatians can also find many friends in Constantinople!

None of them will stand before Şehver Sultan alive. Supreme Natik on the head. Pastor Ranson, now these Qarmatians are Muslims or not? Both Muslim and not. Speak in the language I understand, Pastor Ranson. So, are the Seljuks and the Qarmatians from the same religion or not? Sir, the Karmatis themselves are Turks even if they count as Muslims like Muslims falsified their religion they see them as heretics. Understood. The scourge of the religion brought by our Lord Jesus Christ is also present in them. The Qarmatians can also find many friends in Constantinople.

He will take them all to the palace

Since I can understand the difference much better when my eyes open I am sure. Father Ranson, thank you. You can go. Then I will see a doctor. So the Maymun bastard also died without speaking? This business is getting really messy. As I get closer to the source, they do my best to stop me. So this wolf honey showed you that house. Thanks to him, the lives of other poor people were also saved. Alp Arslan Episode 15 in Urdu, My acquittal is only possible thanks to those people. Only they tell the truth. Don’t worry, I assigned Emir Bozan. He will take them all to the palace. Emir Bozan? Sister, what do I say, what do you say?

We told you not to leave the band, Akça girl!

Alparslan If something happens to those people, it will. There is nothing left to acquit me of the crime I am accused of. Give me a soldier. Wherever they are, I’ll go and bring them to the palace myself. Elder sister. This place is good. Take cover quickly. Not a single one will survive. We told you not to leave the band, Akça girl. What would you do alone in the forest after all that had happened? From the seasonal grasses without getting too far from the oba I said I’d collect it. To make an ointment. That’s when I came across an unbeliever. If Karaca Hatun was there by chance how would I have been if he hadn’t called for help?


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I saw with my eyes, heard with my ears!

Tells lies. He knew the Byzantine soldier. They looked and talked like two lovers. Didn’t he already say that my heart is full, sir? What do you say, Karaca Hatun? I say the truth. What would Akça Hatun do with a shroud, Karaca? Wouldn’t you be ashamed to make such an outrageous slander? It’s not slander. Don’t do it, sir. Don’t let it fool you. I saw with my eyes, heard with my ears. I saw it too, Karaca Hatun. Do you forget that I was there? Then Suleyman Bey, Erbaskan Bey, saw the whole world. Kuffar tried to kidnap Akça with his military dagger. Obviously, this pregnancy will cloud your mind too, girl. You misunderstand what you see. Sufficient.

I will also make my Hasan Bey a witness

I will not advise you to leave the camp now, I command you Akça Hatun. Alp Arslan Episode 15 in Urdu, I have my fault too, sir. You had entrusted Akça Hatun to me. I should never have taken my eyes off it. You will be my shadow and you will never leave my side, Akça Hatun. Forgive me. I both took your precious time and hurt your heart. We do not step out of the informal camp. I will also make my Hasan Bey a witness. Their arrival is near. It is the command of the Supreme Natik. No one will get out of here alive. Where did they stay? I hope they catch the bail and the truth will come out. You still teach the truth, Karaca. Everyone saw that the infidel tried to kidnap Akça.

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