Alp Arslan Episode 13 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 13 in Urdu

Alp Arslan Episode 13 in Urdu, So much so that Vaspurakan, thanks to our Alparslan Bey right at the foot of the Castle, that Kekavmenos it sinks into the eye of the unbeliever Our Kinik banner is flying Yinal Bey. Wherever the Turkish flag flies, we can only be honoured by it. We do not ask about the height, we do not separate them. Anyway, what happened, it’s finally found. The fact that Alparslan is acting voluntarily the lands are under my administration as the governor of Mosul. Is it you or me, Yinal Bey, against blasphemy? Aren’t we all obliged to work as one body for the religious state? Isn’t the sultan of all of us Mikail’s son, Sultan Tugrul Bey?

Is Alparslan Bey in the headquarters?

Is there another authority or position that we receive orders from? Alp Arslan Episode 13 in Urdu Is there a Decatur, Your Highness the Governor? Come. A large Byzantine contingent from Vaspurakan Castle came out, approaching the headquarters, His Excellency the Governor. Is Alparslan Bey in the headquarters? No, sir. Now is not the time to argue, Mr Batur. Let’s defend our land. We approached the place written by Kekavmenos in the name he sent. From now on, we will continue on foot in silence. You stay here and take a look around. Lets. There is neither a trace nor a breath, sir. This must be the demon’s hole. Bismillah.

Alparslan Bey silenced everyone

Girl, don’t get up, look, don’t let that wound bleed again. I have to go, Akınay mother. You said they brought my bundle from Oba, I wonder where it was put? They brought it, they brought it, I wish they hadn’t brought it. What happened? When you bring your bundle as it is those clothes you hide inside Didn’t someone see it, mother? It’s good if someone sees it, when Karaca gets it, the starboard and threw it in front of everyone. While saying it was like this, Alparslan Bey silenced everyone. Look, girl, I told you. Okay, mom, don’t worry, of course, I won’t let this trust in him go to waste. If you’re ready to go on a horse, let’s go back to the camp, Akça girl.


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These dishonest Turks cannot be trusted!

Look, we stayed here because of you, everyone turned to the camp. Where will you go? You set off, mother, I’ll catch up with you later. No such thing. Didn’t you see what happened to us on the way? My main concern is not long. I will grow. These dishonest Turks cannot be trusted, and be prepared for a surprise. Open the doors. Arrows, shield wall, quick! stop Keep the line! Remove it. Captain. Protect the line! I called them unreliable, they deceived us. We were waiting for you too, Captain. Protect the line, Göktuğ! Protect!

Do not spare even one of the traitors who covet our land!

I will ask you to account for this, Göktuğ. You account for this Thank God you came on time, Mr They’ve been watching our absence like hyenas. Do not spare even one of the traitors who covet our land. Kiefer took your word and arrived at the headquarters when we will be there with the other gentlemen. We will cut off the degenerate heads of Keferen and raise our banner with the right of the sword. Behave, valiants! Come on, braves! Attack, don’t put any of them alive! This is a new abandoned place, Atabey. The heat of the sinister’s breath still stands. Thank you, sir. Open your eyes. Let’s see if anyone is waiting for us at the end? Sir, they obviously knew about our future.

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