Teskilat Season 3 Episode 69 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 69 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 69 In Urdu Subtitles No, we have a daughter Will your mother stay with us? Yes! Did I ask? I’m asking now How can you make such a decision without asking me? Well, I’m asking now We don’t want home etc Show them a small house to

live with your mother Sorry, we’ll be here again Does not matter Age, have we been able to confirm that there is a secret room inside? Not yet, but we will make sure Is the camera active? Yes! Inside is a male suspect, we met on the corridor It’s weird to be there, despite having no place ahead I send videos Are you watching the video, Gorjan? Yes, I clean the face Your doubt is correct, age, that person is a member of the organization

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So there’s really a secret terrorist room inside! Watch Teskilat Season Bolum 21 In Urdu Subtitles They are all in a secret room We have to operate without hurting civilians inside, comrades! We have to make a plan I have an idea Tell the support team

They will finish work without bringing people inside to the knowledge A car is coming Not clear, how many men are Must be ready for every possibility Have they come to find us, Baba? Allah! Girl, I’ve told you, I’m in the mountains Our quarrel never ends, that is, our struggle continues Conflict is likely, Corcott! Will not endanger yourself If we do not keep the agreement,

I will take your head off! I’ll call, okay, John? Now I have to do something I will call All right, stop I didn’t even understand I can’t stop, I see Maybe he won’t? Start, urban sensitivity, our top priority Air conditioners are gone Gorjan, are you sure, this substance is not the color? Yes, it’s colorless When will the gas show its effect?

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Will civilians be harmed? No, there is no harm, Watch Teskilat Season 3 Bolum 69 Trailer In Urdu only temporary intoxication They will solve this problem without realizing it Enter the support team, sir! Which is your order, sir Guys, the gas is gone The place is safe, you can come in Terrorists are behind Terrorists may be waiting for you, be careful The place is under our control

Worked clean, Zahra, great plan Terrorists have also been affected The situation of ordinary citizens is fine, but Petro is not here Zahra, take them to headquarters The information grown in the initial investigation is very important Silence will not come to your job If you do not cooperate with us So forever it will be locked in a dark coat I want to tell you that you also have our informants Death, surrounded you every day You can’t even trust your friends And look at the front paper:

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you have an organization Or were terrorist acts Teskilat Season 3 Episode 69 Release Date? for a defensive purpose! We were not taking terrorist action So what were you doing? What were you going to do together like this? Look, what was the target?! We couldn’t reach Petro He must have left the other side of the building Find it soon, now exposed

We don’t yet know what their target was We saw all the reports one by one It turned out, this organization was not the agenda It’s as if it’s not the work of the organization Amazing! See, what happens to this matter What happened ozai? Got something? Their target is known, sir. What is it? Their goal is to age father Hassan Atmaja At any cost, this work will end I’m so upset for you,

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Baba I’m just doing what is necessary Doing Watch Teskilat Season 3 Bolum 69 In Urdu Youtube the necessary work? Baba, you work without thinking about the results Your eyes are blind in the desire for revenge! I talked to Petro,

he has managed the boys They are waiting for the message He will move when the right time comes So much preparation and so much plan, a man’s lee You hit Hassan Atmaja If you know, we are no longer doing our desired job Because of this man While this is my personal work So I don’t understand

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Because if the Alparslan Season 2 Episode 49 In Urdu Subtitles great powers listen to you So we’ll have a lot of problems, you know No one will hear if you don’t tell! Well listen, I understand your concerns But after the

end of Hassan Atmaja Assure you that we will return to good old days So how to find it? That man has disappeared again What can the organization do to my father?