Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 11 In Urdu Subtitles

arbaros Hayreddin Episode 11 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 11 In Urdu Subtitles We’ve spent two beautiful days here . Like everything beautiful, they have come to an end . I think it’s just started. Still, I’m sorry to hope for your help with these people. Any last wish ? I want you to live until you feel like me. . Someone wants to meet you. .Who is? Thank you. You guys come to this side, and you guys follow me. The movement is on the way around, sir. According to age: He will disguise and come in. If one becomes difficult, he will contact. Well, still be careful.

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Maybe need help Tell your head, “Hasan Atmaja” has come. Lou, I’m coming to David Hartley! Hassan Atmaja. I knew you would come. Have we been meeting again and again for a few days? You have lost your chance. Leave me alone despite the opportunity. Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 11 In Urdu Subtitles I have been waiting for 30 years, a few more days. Just run around you. Who looks closer to death. The history of the dominant sides over the high number is full. Although the people of the region should be humbed.

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 11 With Urdu Subtitles

Being arrogant against the oppressors is about Sharif. Now tell your men, bring Salem. If you reach me. So you will never reach, remember that. Neither you nor your family . That’s exactly what will happen. This medicine will kill you! You should take another good way, this method is not appropriate. Your friend’s life has been saved by me. I would have killed myself if I hadn’t arrived. Said come, now don’t fall out of your tongue, free Salem, come on. I don’t have the promise. Winning in war is important.

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And to me, every way to win is right! That’s why you both have to die. Your brother also had the idea of winning the war in Bosnia. For this, every oppression, using every way of humiliation. Mager did it in two four You don’t have the courage to suppress the trigger. Which of you can kill me! Couldn’t find it yet! He is nowhere, sir. One of our men was killed. Coming, Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 11 In Urdu Subtitles we will kill everyone. Throw the weapon, otherwise it will burn. Don’t think that this will end. I will find all your loved ones one by one. It’s very easy for me. You will die and the thing will end. Just look around you so sorry. How will I hit ?

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As soon as the hands are down, the bullet will come down in your heart. Now it must have been found what it means to burn. Tell your men, free Saleem. Otherwise, they will not escape here. Silence is over. Shakra, listening? Couldn’t get in touch. Help if allowed ? Well, with caution. No one will come to save you. Don’t risk yourself. Just leave me . If you have to burn, burn together. Trust me. Will avoid here, okay ? Look, what will you do now? Now kill you first. What do you think?

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Say to your man to shoot. Mugger, as soon as I get shot, my men will keep you fry too. What’s the difference between us, you know? I am not afraid of death. I can put everything at stake. Do you think I’m scared? Yes, aren’t you afraid? I’ll take Salem, I’ll leave you. I won’t take Salem until I get out of here. Until my slam is taken from here, you won’t get out of here. The plowing burners will be shot. Why risked yourself? Can’t leave you. Thoughts have reached my family.

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Don’t worry, no one reached them. All. Are safe. Attempts have been made to open your mouth. Don’t worry. We’ll get out of here. You will get home. Do something Frances. Can’t stand like that. Don’t worry, save you. The bullet will be fired as soon as you move, don’t you see? Halo Jello so he could shoot in the head! Now that’s to do it. That my signal is to run towards the car.

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You guys get in the car. . There is a small task. .Do. You must be punished for the violence you have done. Zahra, leave yourself loose. Mugger won’t catch me. Corcott, my on the right. Take over to the left? Running, Baba! You shouldn’t have trusted people. When some people run, Corcott. Looks like everything will be fine now, but! It was just here. Well, you’re fine.

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Just a little wound, well you. Have to take the hospital. Wait, the truck, listen. That they will take care of them. Don’t say that, Saleem. Don’t say, everything will be fine. Let’s go here now. You’ll get to your kids, right? Understand that you will run away ? Where has the conversation been done right now! Wait, God’s Eve! Don’t worry, I won’t shoot. Zahrajisi will not kill without hurting. What was the violence with this hand on Zahra? Wait, God’s sake. Was it raised?

If you see, you can tolerate it like a fog or not. Can’t be more than that. Sir, the operation was successful, Zahra is with us.