Teskilat Season 3 Episode 68 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 68 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 68 In Urdu Subtitles I prepare in the letter, you find Simon responsible for the pigeons May Allah forgive you I was very scared, Gabez Gabes and Yahya are talking in gestures about the idea What is the idea of self? Murad Afandi! Just relax, it will continue to work after drinking It was really very thirsty These big bags are to be taken to the closed market, don’t forget Can forget? news has been found Mager, you made sure it was safe from the city No, impossible! By saying the patient, he deceived me too,

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I have no involvement in his escape Of course, Florence must have returned because there is no excuse Hearing that I will not give you cannons Don’t fool me, Strozi Barbados is not going to leave any of his men here If I’m saying Eidon, he’s dead, arrival at a reasonable time If the news arrives immediately to Sharkan, their hopes will not bring color Of course ⁇ can be a good spy if you want Keep going Franواois will accept our message and come to the call for Florence’s help,

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is honorable The Marbi hit hard Of course, “who fell himself, he shouldn’t even cry” Yes, but now it has to be more careful Hit it in front of everyone Gold is forbidden for you tonight Will be guarded in the courtyard by morning See if you can afford labor like fighting skills Get behind me wearing clothes Wait here If he slept in the wheel or dropped it So not your goodness Idan! Ok son?

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Feeling pain in the body? They were about to die because of the plague, Allah protected you Look at angels in a dream Karama ⁇ Catbin ( Rightleft angels with man who write his virtues and evils ) What does that mean? The good evil writers of the servants would have the floor Tell your dream son The one on the left said The historian called This servant is Sorha at the time of prayer I will write this in all the deeds of his evils The one on the right said

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Not seeing that he is a sick man Pray for the first West The Lord of the Rings will forgive his shortcomings The sun set The one on the left said: My patience is over So far this servant is sleeping, not mentioning his Lord The one on the right said: The historian should call Asha, then when praying So Allah will forgive him O Allah! On Hazrat Muhammadasal Allah AlSlim Blessing your all and Ishab The historian called Asha? We’re in Sinai friend. no Or the cannons will not be handed over But Crestoffer said:


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There are four days If we start attacking without these cannons, we can fail, Princess Preparations by Barbaros’ friend Darwish are about to be completed Our troops will attack in all four directions We are about to retreat because of Solomon’s three men Pray that Malatista, with good news from Milan, will take good news Sforza Fort, Milan Look at how I’ve been due to this cursed Turkish poison You could have died, Dodge Safors Of course, Barbaross took pity If from the beginning I knew he was Barbaros, he would not wait a second and push him a dagger I don’t think it will take long Thinking of Prince Flawrat’s help,

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because now you know I will help, Malatista Not for the Magar prince, but for the Prime Minister Tell me what is needed Amen, Yarby! Allah must accept. Allah accepts Idan Raees! Thankfully you’re fine But I want to remind you of the reason you get here The cannons in the Crestofer tent are waiting to end Who is Karastoffer? Sharkan’s new seal Of Lazarus’ team, he remembers the fighters who died from Talmans Started raging artillery shells? The two are already gone Understand how to shell between us What should we do? What should be done? What more can be added at the time of shelling?

Teskilat Season 3 Bolum 68 In Urdu Subtitles

What if you add a little mercury to copper and tin?  So let’s go right away We have to do this before we put the rest of the cannons. come on Shabash again nberg. Palace My heart is very tolerant Be sick? Who didn’t take it But seeing you, my heart feels like coming out of my place I’m afraid to come to light all of my sudden Your beauty And your light shook me The sun is pushing the entrance, the queen Thanks,

Mager can’t let you talk like that Because I’m not used

to listening to my Hussen compliments Even from Emperor Sharkan? Amir alBahri is waiting for us in the royal room He has important news for us What were you talking about? Tin will be like crystal rocks The first fire cannons will explode and be destroyed,

She was telling him not to break the flowers from the garden Is the flowers that brought you from Persia breaking? WellDin Rais did not send the letter, you sure? If the dove is lost again? Tried three times yesterday,