Ates Kuslari Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

Ates Kuslari Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

Ates Kuslari Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles Be easy to work! Sister! What is this box? Who’s talking about the ark? Don’t talk like kids, sister Show me, let’s go What is the same thing again You didn’t tell her mother: Stop chasing you? But where does the man listen? Send it now Well, so what will happen now? Welcome, Yahya! Tell me about your relationship with Murad, what’s the connection with? What will happen dear! He is just a laborer So what would the wells have to say about her banquet with sweets? Preview!

Ates Kuslari Bolum 8 In Urdu Subtitles

What is it saying? I saw the port talking to them both Allah knows better about what he was talking about. Focus on words; Moving too far Okay fine my life! Tell me again What will happen, sister! Was persuading the man to return. Think? The sweets were to convince him to bring him back to work, don’t get wrong Look, you don’t listen to me Mager, this macar is behind something Gabeze saw Orsini’s name enter the merchant’s shop Maybe

Ates Kuslari Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

Orsini will need a lot I saw the same Orsini talking to Valeria in front of our house He said: Her relatives lived here and are looking for them Don’t know what Orsini is behind, Mager doesn’t mean a spy He apologized twice for the work due to anxiety And I tried hard to bring it back to work both times Can spy leave the spying place? AlIslam AlAlikum! Are you?

Fermaine, who is asking? I’m Jacqueline

Greetings and news from your uncle He was very tired and we Orsini ordered his body to hide In the palace of Strozi Or don’t you remember anything? Book, where is the book? Given to Darwish, he has started making medicine Did something improve? Their condition has been stable since you leftM Magar’s immune system has weakened And yet it has only been tolerated Will medicine benefit, wouldn’t it? Experience and see,

let’s go He will catch him with the cheeks

and put a cone around his mouth and you will drop the medicine May the command of Allah be patiently seen what happens Marcella! Marcella! Marcella! Saleh and Qadali have sent news through Simon Sharkan gave Malta Island to fighters All your warships will be able to run to the West Coast Luna didn’t get it, so it brought the news to you Luna, Cena behind Eidon with Barbaros Cena? What happened? Barbados has been plagueed,

Christopher! His body is buried this morning

Good and cannons? What is their situation now? They have started putting, it will take some time to eliminate everyone You have 4 days, Strozi I pledge to kill you for four days if you don’t get cannons The Sultan, dear, gave us our scholarship I took the letter and went to France, and your uncle went to Florence Until Franواois’s army gets there, Khairuddin will continue to waste the time of Orani’s troops That is,

the lack of a city has stopped for Franواois’s arrival For the success of its projects, Franواois’ forces and assistance must be reached Ah uncle John! Ates Kuslari Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles I have left here alone Better a poor horse than no horse at all Don’t lighten your scholarship, Yahya As is the article: the horse saves a man A man can take away the war, and the war saves the homeland There is no news to tell you along the way,

Orsini But of course you are the favorite man

of the Lord He saw Yahya talking to Solomon’s man Find out something? Letter from Solomon to Franواois. Kessa letter? Solomon sought help with Florence The man is taking all precautions without leaving any room Barbados aims to waste time until Franواois arrives AlMakhtisr has raised hopes for Franواois’

Jacquelinezada? What is your opinion? He has agreed because of your kindness and the determination of Khairuddin, Sultan, dear He was saved from such a great disaster that he had no choice but to obey you Yet we have to be careful When man’s personal interests are lost, he begins to ungrateful I have no confidence in this Florence issue except Khairuddin There are new orders for Khairuddin Reis, Sultan?

But the stipend is to hand it over He will send

you to Germany to make some preparations for this first What preparations, Sultan? There, a man named Martin Luther is establishing a new Ates Kuslari Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles Christian ideology in the name of Protestantism It opposes the sale of pastors’ paradise and forgiveness instruments But however, our intention in this regard is to my grandfather,

the winner of Sultan Muhammad Khan Ensuring

the spread of unrest between Catholics Somehow supported Orthodox Similarly, we will support Protestantism and bring great trouble to Sharkan, Osman Series Catholicism In Sha’allah, Sultan Luther’s name is written Take it to Luther right away If it spreads to people that it is his writing, it will be great But if that didn’t So we will think of another solution The order, the Sultan,