Osman Season 3

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 77 in Urdu

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 77 in Urdu

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 77 in Urdu, Then you can get rid of the longing too. What are you laughing at? Get out. Collect these, come on. Oruç Oruç, get it, my Oruç Ağam has also arrived. Anyway, you had the girls kidnapped, but you saved me from getting in trouble with my brother. It’s going to drive me crazy when you act so casual like nothing’s wrong. You come too. Fasting, you finally arrived. What is happening? What did you do? Trade. This is the inn’s share. Let him go now. Do you know who you killed?

The men even know that our guards are taken from this inn!

Isabel, Bellissima, getting so angry one day will damage your beauty. You know. In other words, this comfort is not due to your ignorance, but your stupidity. Sit down. I said sit down. Not out of our ignorance or stupidity. We are comfortable that we are not afraid. Look, these guys are like wild animals. His brother is Poseidon. He’s crazier than the Enriko you killed. The men even know that our guards taken from this inn are on board they even attacked. Do you know what this means? They do not hesitate to confront us, this inn, Unita.

Because our beautiful Isabel is worried!

Do you understand? Do you understand, Elias? By Allah, I did not understand it fully, Ağa Reis. Until we remove the bones of this sea lamb called Poseidon I don’t think I will understand much. Did you hear Elijah? He says we are crazy. Because our beautiful Isabel is worried. Let’s not upset him anymore. Fasting, I’m just saying be a little more cautious, wait. Let my father share this issue with the other members of Unita. Can’t this issue be dealt with together? It’s possible. Okay, don’t worry about yourself now. Just keep calm. You scare us more than Poseidon right now. Welcome, sir, you brought joy. welcome sir.

It means you are ready for your next task!

Welcome, you brought joy. Instead of falling to the ground to come to this inn, Oruç’s I would have preferred it to be smashed in your hand. Listen to me, my son. The deepest well is arrogance. You know when you said to fall, just don’t fall there. Then I’ll get you back somehow, but in that swamp, if you get stuck, I can neither save you with my name nor with my arm. Since the Poseidon issue will be settled OK. It means you are ready for your next task. There’s a merchant who wants a guard from us. I recommended you to him. We have just arrived, should we go to the sea right away? Wasn’t the time you spent at the inn enough, İlyas?

Keep your head up high so that we can look at you with pride!

We are always ready. Let’s meet some guys. Let’s find out what their burdens are, what their troubles are. You cross on price. Mr Sword. Welcome, sir. Thanks.Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 77 in Urdu, Thanks. My swordsman, you brought joy. Thanks. What is happening? golem Kılıç Bey came to the inn. Sword Mister. You brought blessings. Thanks. Welcome, sir. Thanks. Thanks. Sword Mister. No no. You held our heads high. Keep your head up high so that we can look at you with pride. Sword Mister. Good luck to you. Thank you, sir.

They live a quiet life in Lesbos!

He is the one who killed your brother, calling himself the sultan of the season the merchant ships with his unruly brother İlyas named Oruç he was a guard. Hanging out with the pirates of Alexandria, their favour just two poor sailors trying to find their way with duties. He has two more siblings. Khidr and Isaac yes. They live a quiet life in Lesbos. First, let’s go and break this stillness. We are going to Lesbos. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 77 in Urdu, Aren’t you going to the shop? I have no taste. Clear. Whenever your head is smoking, you sit by the pot.

As soon as he arrived, he ran to Master Süleyman!

I don’t like the state of this Khidr. Did he disrespect you? It doesn’t though. Look, Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 77 in Urdu, he hasn’t been around since yesterday. As soon as he arrived, he ran to Master Süleyman. He left the house before dawn yesterday and became a secret. I’ll ask Niko, where is your son, he hums. This boy is up to something. May he does not lose his heart to the seas like Oruç. Oh lord, you too. Khidr, does this ever come out of your word? You are afraid that it will look like fasting, but there is nothing to worry about. It’s not happening, look, it’s bent. How is Khidr different from Oruç? Look, I don’t have either of them with me, I don’t know where either of them is.

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