Osman Season 3

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 71 in Urdu

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 71 in Urdu

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 71 in Urdu, Let’s talk. My Bey. Genoa. Welcome. Thank you. Thanks to Allah you came back alive. May our war be blessed. Amen. What are you thinking about? Thinking about my share from the loot will be enough for my dowry or not Look at that. Who is that lucky Hatun? Tell us, we should know. The one who doesn’t know her beauty, her bravery, her essence the Sultan of my heart. Alaca Hatun. Where is Zoe? I couldn’t see her. Do you know? Tell me. Bala Hatun saved our child.

The fate of baby murderers!

You saved my child and Malhun Hatun too. May Allah bless you, Bala Hatun. What about Zoe and the old woman, my Bey? The fate of baby murderers! Goktug? Hatun of my Bey with her baby, huh? What kinda snake are you?! What will happen to me? You’ll die with the poison you made. No! No! Don’t make it hard for the Alps. Eat. And die. Goktug. Save me. Save me. Goktug! Goktug! Don’t leave me! No! Goktug! 6 months later Mashallah. May the peace be on you. May the peace be upon you, Osman Bey. Welcome. Thank you. Have a seat.

I’m fighting to defend holy words as the son of Ertugrul!

Your eyes are shining with a holy light, Osman Bey. Just like the birth of your child that you’re waiting patiently the state that you’re waiting to establish its birth is near. Inshallah. Even if I am alone my prayer is about giving my last breath, while I’m fighting to defend holy words as the son of Ertugrul, Osman Bey. Your patience and dedication made you a wise man. Astaghfirullah. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 71 in Urdu, In the war against Byzantine the wind of victory you got, it got bigger from east to west and it became a hurricane, Osman Bey. Eyvallah.

You opened your great heart to them!

Not only bringing all the Turks in your lands the villages, but cities are also getting bigger with that wind. Inshallah, it’ll be on my destiny and my lineage’s destiny to build cities and make them bigger. You won the war at the field. You put Byzantine to sleep. They became to not dare to do anything against you by getting outside of their castles. You see 72 nations as yourself. You opened your great heart to them. That is establishing a state. May our Allah be with you at this holy war. Amen. Inshallah, We’re at the beginning of the road.

May the state you saw in your dream be yours!

Inshallah, by brightening our road with Islam’s light we’ll reach our target. Don’t forget. Your target was in the dream you saw, Osman Bey. As Yusuf Khass Hajib from Balasaguni said you’ll follow your heart. The holy road you are on be with your tradition, truth, justice. Inshallah. So the small Beylic will go down. May the state you saw in your dream be yours. Amen. The moon that came our from your chest in your dream may it be a light for your lineage that will rule the world. Alaca! Alaca! My water is broken! Inform Bala Hatun.

The hope is coming to our lineage!

Inform Osman Bey, he’s in Sogut. Calm down. Sit here. Hurry, Alaca. Come on. May Allah give a nice son to my Bey. A nice kid. This is a miracle of Allah, Bala Hatun. Bala, run! Malhun Hatun is having a baby. Run. Bala? Are you okay? Yeah. Come on. Hurry! Osman Bey! Tell me. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 71 in Urdu, Malhun Hatun. It’s time now. What are you saying? Allah! Hold on. Hold on! The hope is coming to our lineage. So happy for our kid that he’ll have a brave father and two mothers. Come on! Hurry! Hurry! Come on. In the name of Allah.

You give me a suitable kid for my lineage!

Come on. Mashallah! Tell me! How is the situation? Soon, brother. Soon. Mashallah. Allah will give us kids too, Hatun. Not one, not three, not five. First healthy kids, Cerkutay. Inshallah, the light of my eye. Inshallah. O Allah, You give me a suitable kid for my lineage. Don’t leave my Bala without a kid too. Watch Episode 70 here, Your son was born healthy, Osman Bey. He and his mother are okay. Bala. I gave you a son, Osman Bey. Not only a son, but you also gave me the whole world. Take him.

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