Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 66 in Urdu

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 66 in Urdu

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 66 in Urdu, Soldier, what happened to you? What happened? Attack, sir. All soldiers died. And ammo? They took them all. Damn you, Osman! Damn! Dukas, you were wondering why Osman didn’t fight us back! I hope you now know! We lost our dominance! No, we didn’t! How? We lost our ammunition and our supporting unit! I sent the ammunition and the supporting unit separately, Dukas! Helen must’ve sent half of the ammunition to the quarters already! Speak! Sultan’s unit is about to arrive in the quarters, sir. To horses! The Alps! Take position!

There is no victor but Allah!

Welcome, my Sultan. Thank you, Osman Bey. Welcome, my Sultan. Thank you, Hazrat Sheikh. Osman Bey beautified army with you. Astaghfirullah, my Sultan. Even if we can’t use our swords now we can still pray, if you accept. You and other men’s prayers are our most important shield. Astaghfirullah. I heard about you from my son. We will gain a victory, with Allah’s consent. InshaAllah, my Sultan. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 66 in Urdu, There is no victor but Allah. Come. Helen Have you received the support and ammo? Yes, safely. We followed the way of Cendere as you ordered.

We controlled all the ways!

Peasants are also bringing food from behind. Don’t trust peasants. They shouldn’t get the quarters. Sir, Sultan got in the quarters with his army. Come, Sultan Mesud. The quarters of Byzantine is behind this hill. And the army of Byzantine will come to the battlefield from this way. And here will be the battlefield. Osman Episode 65, The ammunition that the Emperor sent worries me. The Emperor must’ve trained the army that he sent with Dukas very well. We took the ammunition that was going to the Byzantine’s quarters, my Sultan. Don’t worry. How? We controlled all the ways. We detected their place and used our swords.

I would give up on many things for my Osman Bey’s child!

May Allah bless you, Osman Bey. You saved us from trouble. Allah, my Sultan. Eyvallah. But I know Nikola is smart enough to send the ammunition with different units. My Sultan. Still, we harmed them. Then tell me what you know about our enemies, Osman Bey. The army of Byzantine has two different units. Dukas’ army comes from Macedonia, and foot soldiers that Nikola and other Lords gathered. Malhun Hatun sees you as an opponent, my Bala. InshaAllah we are wrong. If she knew that I would give up on many things for my Osman Bey’s child.

We will tell him about our doubts!

My goodhearted Bala. What about Zoe, my Bala? If we are right. it will first hurt my Osman Bey. We can’t let that happen, my Gonca. Keep your eyes on her. Don’t worry, my Bala. Our Bey will come back first. Let them come to the tribe with my Boran. then we will tell him about our doubts. Dukas will follow a certain order from his quarter to the battlefield. He will want to corner us without breaking the order of his army. We have Commanders who witnessed their strategy before. In every fight.

They will form the backbone of their army!

Dukas comes to the battlefield like a steely core. The army of Seljuk witnessed it many times. How many soldiers did the Lords send us, Nikola? Around 350. I myself trained them. We will become a steely core and get in the fight. We won’t let Turks break-in. Dukas’ biggest power is his Macedonian unit who are very talented in using spears and shields. They will form the backbone of their army. I think the same, Osman Bey. Thus. I will face them here with my unit who will be using spears and shields.

We will attack them from 3 fronts!

At the left, there will be Emir Asian’s soldiers. And at the right, you will fight with your Beys and Alps. The fight will start with the sunrise. Bitinya has never seen such an army before, Commander Dukas. Osman trusts the army of the Sultan and the Sultan trusts Osman’s Alps. But still, he will come with a strong army. Osman will want to get his feet on the group. We will attack them from 3 fronts. Macedonian soldiers will be in the middle. I’ll rule the soldiers at the left.

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